MyCommand 5.3.4

Make your own, customized Minecraft commands

  1. eux_TR
    Version: 5.3.4
    Great Plugin! Im using my server go create other good plugins pls
    Server ip : Skyblock 1.8 Turkish
  2. VanillaTwilight
    Version: 5.3.4
    Absolutely no issues with this plugin. Still without errors on 1.12.2 ViaVersion. Although I would like to see the author return OR have someone with experience fork it.
  3. Francisc
    Version: 5.3.4
    Great plugin. Gives a lot of possibilities in doing much with less. Tho' I have a question:
    In a command that has a decision (if) - is there way to:
    1. Check for the group (pex plugin) of the player running the command
    2. Query (check) for a players group in a custom command that takes a player names like parameter?

    For example:

    there's a custom command with a permission to only one player, lets say "mycommand.customcommand.transformrank"

    the command is /transformrank <player>

    The player running the command, has the above permission on his user

    Then, the command takes the <player> which is another player then the one running the command
    and, I want to check if <player> is in group A run some commands
    if <player> is in group B run other commands

    Is there a way to do that?
  4. artfcl_intlgnce
    Version: 5.3.4
    Still works for me on 1.12.2 (latest Spigot build too) -- While this plugin makes it very simple to create commands, would be nice to see an update. But not sure what below reviewer is talking about that it's not working. Running Waterfall Bungee with Spigot 1.12.2 servers with ViaVersion ViaRewind and ViaBackwards - no issues
  5. SilverHuskey
    Version: 5.3.4
    Horrible... Hasnt been updated in 2 years and doesnt work on 1.12.2 AT ALL... It was the only good working plugin that did this... it SUCKS that i now have to PAY someone to code something like this all because of a lazy developer
  6. XpcAdam
    Version: 5.3.4
    Very useful to make awkward commands more memorable and just a great plugin in general
  7. manoka11
    Version: 5.3.4
    This is a really great plugin.
    But what I really need for storing data is mysql not files.
    Can someone add MySQL support?
  8. Nachtaktiv
    Version: 5.3.4
    The plugin is great. It helps me to improve my server so much. With it i can replace a lot of commands that only do simple things like /rules and it also replaces the custom commands.
  9. xsilversitopvp
    Version: 5.3.4
    This plugin I think is the best when it´s related to creating command, I have a question: I want a command to have multiple commands, but i would like them to randomly chose one command out of all, which properties or which is the text that demonstrate.

    Thank you, Sincerely.
  10. Haileykins
    Version: 5.3.4
    Great Plugin! It says it works with PlaceHolder API. How do I utilize this? I've looked and can't find an answer. I'm trying to make a command that shows me a players Ping, and maybe other things as well.
  11. yerk
    Version: 5.3.4
    Awesome plugin, but executing "/sudo <name> <mycommand>" says there is no such command. If you can fix that, U ARE THE BEST!
  12. trippsie
    Version: 5.3.4
    Maybe you could add a way that you can place a certain variable and it will just execute the command and another command because right now if i would like to execute /rules and when you use /rules it warps you to a certain area I will get a loop
  13. robi
    Version: 5.3.4
    AMAZING PLUGIN, But i have very questions and i don´t receive answers, by example, how can i do a custom item as cost of a command in a menu, a custom item with lore and name...
    I need help :(
  14. HellishArash
    Version: 5.3.4
    AWESOME and USEFUL plugin!!!
    I recommend everyone download and try it.
    I hope you make more plugins :)
  15. DrTickle
    Version: 5.3.4
    This plugin is SO useful for those trying to make a professional looking server without having a developer to make custom plugins. This plugin can be used to make commands easier, make custom commands, and even hide plugins from users. I haven't come into any problems with it. Can be confusing at first with commands, so I recommend setting everything up in the files. Another thing that makes this plugins amazing, you can have a yml file with custom commands for a certain category. For example, if you are trying to hide plugins, all the commands you edit to hide the plugins go into the 'plugin-hiding.yml' file in the commands directory. Overall, an invaluable plugin that works perfectly. (I'll edit this if I come across any bugs or issues, but none have shown up thus far.)
  16. pinkpig
    Version: 5.3.4
    Absolutely amazing plugin. I was originally using BetterAlias but it didn't support cooldowns so I had to look for a new plugin. This was suggested and I was hesitant to check it out but I'm glad I did. The author provides a TON of examples of how this plugin could be used which makes it easy to create your own.
    It's basically 30 plugins in one if you're creative in how you use it. I'm using it for a custom /help filled with tutorials and commands. In addition, I use it for aliases.
    I definitely recommend this plugin.

    Please note: The only bad reviews are the ones where people did something incorrectly and thus assumed it must be the plugin at fault, not their own mistakes. If you check the profile of the people with the bad reviews, you'll see people have responded and told them how to fix their mistakes.

    WORKS ON 1.12.2!
  17. BuiManhDuc
    Version: 5.3.4
    I have some code:

    - title $arg1 times 20 40 20
    - title $arg1 subtitle ["",{"text":"[AAC] ","color":"gold"},{"text":">"},{"text":" $multiargs","color":"gold"}]
    - title $arg1 title {"text":"$arg2"}

    But $multiargs also have $arg2
    How to avoid $multiargs have $arg2 in output ???
  18. ElSenorFoxy
    Version: 5.3.4
    Perfect plugin, it's work perfectly for me, idk why it's not work for other guys, the plugin just not support special caracter.
  19. Servredjade_69
    Version: 5.3.4
    I can't use any command at all i do /mycmd-reload all and it reloads fine but my commands say Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
  20. Jaykob
    Version: 5.3.4
    Added my first custom command, works
    Added my secon custom command, works
    adding my third custom command DOESNT WORK.

    Fun gact, i copied a working command changed the command name, the /command i changed too

    its corrrectly set but it doesnt work....
    Pls tell me what is wrong here