MyKits 1.0.1

A fully configurable kits plugin!

  1. DotRar
    MyKits is a new kits plugin of a high standard.

    • Fully configurable (Including messages)
    • Lightweight
    • Optional 1 kit per life
    • Optional clear inventory
    • Placeholders (1 currently, more coming soon)
    • Always up-to-date config
    /kit create [Name] - Creates a kit using the inventory of the executor
    /kit delete [Name] - Deletes an existing kit
    /kit [Kit name] - Choose a kit

    mykits.* - Grants access to everything
    mykits.create - Grants access to /kit create
    mykits .delete - Grants access to /kit delete
    mykits.reload - Grants access to /kit reload
    mykits.use.[kit] - Grants access to certain kits
    mykits.use.* - Grants access to all kits

    • Signs
    • Economy integration
    • Got any ideas? PM me or write a post on the discussion page
    To report a bug, PLEASE PM me or write a post on the discussion page instead of creating a bad review. I will fix the bug ASAP then.
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Recent Updates

  1. Reload & Better config