MyPet 2.3.2

Feature rich, Level you pet, Skillsystem (MC 1.7.10-1.12.1)

  1. Keyle
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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    What is MyPet?
    MyPet is a highly customizable pet plugin with a lot of cool features. Take them on a lead, train them and make them a very powerful companion!

    Some features of MyPet are:
    ⛏ most mobtypes are leadable
    ⛏ You can ride your MyPets
    ⛏ Hunger-System
    ⛏ Configurable Damage/Hitpoints/Food/LeashFlags/Speed
    ⛏ Customizable skills and skilltrees
    ⛏ Skilltrees are configurable for every MyPet-type
    ! SkilltreeCreator !
    ⛏ and much more!

    How to get a MyPet?
    Firstly check what requirements has to be met to take a mob on a lead here (Leashable option)
    If if this requirement is met just leftclick the mob with the leash (default is lead)
    You can find more info about taking a MyPet on a lead here.
    What is MyPet-NPC?
    MyPet-NPC is a simple addon for MyPet that adds Citizens-traits that allows MyPet-owners to store their MyPets.


    Don't post errorlogs in the comments! Create a Ticket!
    (Don't forget to attach the "MyPet.log" file to the ticket)
    Do you have a feature requests? Create a Ticket!
    If you need help create a ticket on GitHub!
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Recent Updates

  1. Bugfixes
  2. Bugfix Update
  3. 1.12, Java 8, Auto Updater & Bugfixes

Recent Reviews

  1. relucaXIV
    Version: 2.3.0
    The plugin is perfect but it will be most perfect if you could ride squid, or another sea mob, for example polar bear, in the water. Very thanks for the plugin, I and my player love it ^^
  2. Martin_Sanchez
    Version: 2.3.0
    What is the permission to use the pet in a single world?
    please help me :c
    I use permissionsex
    1. Keyle
      Author's Response
      FFS this is the review section and NOT the place you ask questions...
  3. Shiny_Decidueye
    Version: 2.3.0
    I love this plugin but I have an Issue where UnOpped players cannot receive a MyPet. I have tried researching and looking through the comfig but I can't seem to find it, could I have some help?
    1. Keyle
      Author's Response
      Don't write a review then. Ask for help in a private message or in the MyPet discussions...
  4. luridftw32
    Version: 2.2.9
    Perfect, I was looking for a plugin that would implement a mounting system into my RPG server. This does that plus much more! This is definitely the BEST pet plugin you can get, so please don't leave us any time soon!

    It would be really cool if it supported MythicMobs, Specifically the Custom Monsters and Custom Items portion of the plugin. This way we could create our own Mounts, Food, and Leashes.
  5. Asqhal
    Version: 2.2.9
    Please update 1.12 :)
  6. Wertik1206
    Version: 2.2.9
    Nice one, but i would like to use it on higher versions, hows it going with an update to 1.12?
    1. Keyle
      Author's Response
  7. Sidious82
    Version: 2.2.9
    one of the best additions a server owner can put in his plugins file. the players love it and anyone who says otherwise can jump off a bridge
  8. CFEW
    Version: 2.2.9
    Its worth paying for the premium version as it has an updated snapshot that is working with 1.12. This really is a fantastic plugin, our community loves it, and when we had issues with it on our server, the author was quick to respond and worked with us on getting it fixed. Turned out another plugin was creating an error but he found a fix for us anyway. Can't thank him enough and I hope more people choose the Premium Version to support his hard work. Thanks Keyle :)
  9. Bitconion
    Version: 2.2.9
    Are you updating to 1.12? Everyone in my server loves this plugin, but is not working in that version yet :(
  10. KevinNovak
    Version: 2.2.9
    Excellent plugin! Was using this on my 1.10 server, and now starting a 1.12 server. Hoping it will be updated soon!