MyPreciousStone 1.1.0

Need to change PS field ownership due to Namechange? Find your PreciousStones and teleport to them!

  1. vk2gpz
    This plugin allows a player to find his/her PreciousStones, and teleport to them!

    If you use PreciousStones on your Server(s) and you get lots of question from players : "Oh, I forgot to set home! but I placed my PreciousStone!"

    • /myps or /myps help : displays a help menu
    • /myps list [name] : Lists the list of your PreciousStones. If [name] is specified, player [name]'s PreciousStone list will be displayed.
    • /myps more : If the list is more than 5 entries, this will show the next page.
    • /myps tp <index> : Teleports you to the ps stone indicated by its index number.
    • /myps changeowner <oldowner> <newowner> : changes the ownership of the field you're currently standing from <oldowner> to <newowner>
    • /myps changeowner_all <oldowner> <newowner> : changes the ownership of all <oldowner>'s fields to <newowner>

      Player with
      Code (Text):
      permission can use this command, but the plugin looks up the name change history to make sure that the player <newowner> was <oldowner>. (name change)

      Player (admin) with
      Code (Text):
      permission can use this command to handover PS Fields ownership to any <newowner>.
    Permission Node:
    • myps.list : allows you to use /myps list command.
    • : allows you to use /myps tp <index> command.
    • myps.ownerchanbe : allows you to use /myps changeowner command to update PS Fields' owner name after the name change.
    • myps.admin : allows you to use /myps changeowner command to change any ownership.
    Just drop MyPreciousStone.jar in the plugins folder. It requires PreciousStones.jar plugin.

    It would be greatly appreciated for your donation to continue providing support for this plugin.
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