MySkin [1.8 - 1.14.1] 2.7

Lightweight solution for skins on your Minecraft server.

  1. Fixed for 1.13, added no update check option

    • Fixed a bug which caused plugin to not start under version 1.13
    • Added a config option CHECK_UPDATES. You can set it to false to make plugin not check for updates and not show any messages about them.
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  2. Fixed CommandBlock & F3+N not working

    • Fixed a bug that was preventing CommandBlocks and F3+N from working after a skin has been applied
    Only bukkit version was affected, no need to update bungeecord version if you dont want to.
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  3. Native 1.14 + Updated Skin Search (Beta)

    • Plugin now runs natively on 1.14 (still works with older versions though!)
    • Fixed a bug with SkinSearch in Spigot 1.14
    • Added a few new localization strings
    • Updated /SkinSearch
      • Updated for 1.14, still compatibile with 1.13.
      • Now with pages and skin caching!
      • Now you can choose how many skins will the plugin cache to instantly display in pages, use new config option "SKINSEARCH_MAX_CACHED_SKINS" to set it up.
        60 skins by default.
      • To control how often should...
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  4. Updated to 1.14

    • Updated to support latest 1.14 version
    Nothing else, you dont need to update if you dont want to use 1.14 spigot.
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  5. Fixed bugs & added suggested features + future version support

    • Fixed a bug which caused the plugin to not work under JDK12 (still functions as intended in older version)
    • Fixed a bug with MySQL over SSL -> You can now choose to enable or disable SSL in config depending on your database setup
    • MySQL has now an option to run using a single but persistent connection, due to some server providers restrictions, see config
    • Added skin blacklist, use config section "BLACKLIST" to list out names players cant normally use, and to permit ceratin...
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  6. Bugfixes + updated for latest BungeeCord/Waterfall

    • Updated plugin to support latest changes in BungeeCord/Waterfall forks
    • Fixed bug where an older version of Waterfall/BungeeCord wouldnt set skin
    • Various small bugfixes for both bukkit/bungee versions
    Updating is strongly recommended for BungeeCord/Waterfall servers.

    Next update will likely be 1.14 as soon as it comes out
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  7. Bugfixes + small changes

    • Fixed a bug that caused skin to not be set after reconnecting (thanks sfBanjo for reporting)
    • Added an option in config for MySQL databases with limited connections, enable single persistent connection if you dont want the plugin to create more connections. (Testing feature, please report back)
    • Fixed an error related to windows based servers when first launching the plugin
    • Small bugfixes not worth mentioning
    A big thank you to all MySkin users and users who report...
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  8. Bugfixes + new features

    • Fixed a bug that did not allow you to switch back to your original skin after setting a new one
    • Fixed console spam when Mojang servers are unavailable
    • Added option to enable default skins for non-premium players, look at configuration file
    • /skin command now shows which skin are you using
    • Added /myskin skinof [player] to show what skin is player using
    • Added /myskin clearcache to clear skin data and uuid cache (not player set skins!)
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  9. Craftbukkit fix

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with Craftbukkit builds
    Got any bugs, errors, ideas? Let me know in discussion!
  10. Bugfixes

    • Fixed compatibility with Travertine (and possibly other BungeeCord forks)
    • Fixed compatibility with MV-Core generated worlds
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