A simplified MySQL API that will help you work with your Minecraft related database.

  1. Version 2.5

    • Improved the MySQL isConnected() method with additional code and error handling.
    • Implemented a new SQL method. ( listGet(...) )
    • Made all SQL commands syntaxed with consistency.
    • Updated the plugin.yml with 1.13 api-version.
    • Removed an unneeded listener implementation.
  2. Version 2.4

    Improved the configuration utils.
    Added the ability to modify the database's port.
    Added two new methods to the config class. [ getPort(), setPort(...) ]
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  3. Version 2.3

    Optimized a config handler.
    Improved the connection handlers.
    Added further console connection messages.
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  4. Version 2.2

    Updated the build path to 1.12.
    Optimized many parts of the older codes.
    Removed all of the useless listener registrars.
    Added inside-function protections to avoid console errors.
    Renamed the function arguments for easier understanding.

    For further info please take a look at the recently updated overview page...
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  5. 2.1

    Organized and optimized old codes.
    Removed useless util (setConnection(Connection con))
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  6. Version 2.0 - Reupload

    Fixed the plugin disable issue.
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  7. Version 2.0

    Organized old codes.
    Did some minor optimizations.
    Improved update, query and connection voids.
    Added a new util. (Boolean tableExists(String table))
    Changed info in plugin.yml.
    Added a plugin.yml protection.
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  8. Version 1.9

    Improved exception report system.
    Added support for java 7.
    Fixed a big issue with SQL.exists(...) method.
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  9. Version 1.8

    Improved Config, MySQL, SQL API.
    Removed useless code.
    Improved command class & handlers.
    Optimized and added protections for all the methods.
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  10. Java Problem

    Fixed compatibility issues with java 7 and 8.
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