MySQL-Register Reloaded V1.5

MySQL-Register Reloaded THE MySQL register plugin for premium servers!

  1. Shadow48402

    MySQL-Register Reloaded
    MySQL-Register Reloaded is a remake of an outdated plugin named 'MySQL-Register', this plugin allows you to let your players register. You can do a lot with this information, as example you can create a login scrips with PHP for your website based on the information in the database. It's specialy made for premium servers, if you have suggestions for this project just tell it.

    Github Link: Link:

    # Commands #

    /register <email> <password> <password>

    # Permissions #


    # Default config.yml #
    Code (Text):

    Hash: MD5
    # Default database.yml #
    Code (Text):

    Host: localhost
    Port: '3306'
    Database: Database
    Username: User
    Password: Password
      table-name: users
      user-column: Username
      uuid-column: UUID
      email-column: Email
      password-column: Password
    # Default message.yml #
    Code (Text):

    WRONG_ARGUMENTS: '&c/register [Email] [Password] [Password Confirmation]'
    ALREADY_REGISTERED: '&cYou are already registered!'
    PASSWORDS_NOT_EQUAL: '&cThe two passwords supplied do not match!'
    REGISTER_NOW: '&aRegister now an account for more features!'
    REGISTER_SUCCESS: '&aRegistration successful!'
    INVALID_EMAIL: '&cPlease enter a valid email!'
    NO_PERMISSION: '&cYou are not allowed to do that!'
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    Best plugin ever! I used this for my server. I can't find a better plugin then this one. This one is the perfect one!