MySQL - Whitelist 1.3

MySQL - Whitelist is a simple plugin that allows you to use a mysql database as whitelist

  1. steffansk1997
    MySQL Whitelist
    This plugin allows you to have your whitelist in a mysql database
    And it works with the new UUID's so it won't break once the players can chance their names

    Commands & permissions
    • /mywl add {player} - Add a player to the whitelist - MySQLWhitelist.add
    • /mywl del {player} - Remove a player from the whitelist - MySQLWhitelist.del
    • /mywl on - Turns the MySQL whitelist on - MySQLWhitelist.on
    • /mywl off - Turns the MySQL whitelist off -


    Code (Text):

    #Mysql Settings
    host: localhost
    user: root
    password: example
    database: minecraft
    port: 3306

    #status of the whitelist
    enabled: true
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Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixes, yay

Recent Reviews

  1. Jowany
    Version: 1.3
    Version looks like old, but it is working still. There is nothing to change. Only for original MC players I thing, warez players dont have UUID, but I dont care, we welcome only original one.
  2. lightningmoon97
    Version: 1.3
    Some people here are saying this does not work, or are down voting for simple stuff that is not the plugins fault...

    First time using this plugin and got it to link first try, amazing and simple, while it might be super basic, it gets the job done. I use this for having a hub that has no whitelist, but then other servers in the network need their own whitelist, but linked together.
    Keep it up!

    PS: Used on 1.16.5
  3. DrikaGamer
    Version: 1.3
    If player account is not original, it doesn't work like default whitelist system. I would like to let non originals play in my server too! :(
  4. reysal
    Version: 1.3
    how do i set table on mysql? please help me.
    how do i set it up? can u message me ?
  5. josetto10
    Version: 1.3
    Esto es impresionante!!! muy buen plugin, una a lista global de mi servidor, ip:
  6. Sorgrum
    Version: 1.3
    Working really well, thanks. Although I'd appreciate if you'd be able to customize the structure of the database.
  7. monsune
    Version: 1.3
    I appreciate your prompt response and several improvements. I'm also really sorry again but you broke it one more time. Your code puts nothing into UUID column and it puts the UUID in the user column actually so there is never a match on auth. Also, the table isn't properly defined and missing some basic stuff. I spent alot of time breaking my head why it wouldn't work again, while you should at least do a basic test before puting the update online. It's obvious that you didn't, which means that you simply don't care much about people. That's why i give 1 star again.
    1. steffansk1997
      Author's Response
      Wrong, the plugin puts nothing in the UUID column when the defined player is offline
      As soon as the player joins the server for the first time the UUID field gets filled and from that point the uuid will be used for auth
  8. monsune
    Version: 1.2
    I'm sorry but this doesn't work anymore. With whitelist on and particular UUIDs added, people still can't connect. I suspect that the default table name is not acceptable by some MySQL builds as i can't even select anything from MySQL-Whitelist as it throws an error instantly. Why the "-" instead of "_" or just simpler, safe name or even allow user to define the table name himself just like database name? It is causing lots of frustration now, time wasted and i need to find another plugin which isn't easy :/
    1. steffansk1997
      Author's Response
      I fixed the stuff you were having issues with
  9. jerimu
    Version: 1.2
    Does what it says 4/5
    Maybe a way to set a Prefix so you can seperate it from servers.
    So you have Survival_ for your survival servers and creative_ for your Creative servers. So prefix: example and it saves as example_tablename.