MysteriousHalloween 1.3.5 MC1.11-1.12

This plugin adds some features for the halloween time to your server.

  1. twanoblockje
    Version: 1.3.5 MC1.11-1.12
    I bought the MysteriousHalloweenPlus.jar and it does not work I use spigot 1.8 and if I want to use one of the commands my chat wil say this: /MysteriousHalloweenPlus
    1. F_o_F_1092
      Author's Response
      The review section is not designed to report problems, the right place for this is a private message or the discussion section.

      You probably didn't download the right version, as reported the version "3.1.2 - 1.7-1.12" is usable for 1.8 servers.

      If you have a problem with the version, please feel free to send me a private message.
  2. Zimtstern
    Version: 1.3.5 MC1.11-1.12
    Cool plugin, very funny to troll friends with the random sounds. But I would like to add some more sounds, maybe steps behind the player or anything like it. What I need to write in the config to add it?! Can aynone help me?
    1. F_o_F_1092
  3. DaDMaR777
    Version: 1.3.2 MC1.9-1.11
    Love the Unique Mob combinations - some make you laugh
    Some make you want to hide.
    The Witch Game Arena is in game editable and a fun diversion from minning.
  4. chuky025
    Version: 1.2.5
    This plugin is very very very good

    -- chuky025

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  5. Qinak
    Version: 1.2.2
    I did not like this plugin. For example when pigs spawn they will spawn with a grown up zombie riding it with a saddle. If you kill the zombie and the pig you will get the saddle and witches spawn in spawners. You cant turn this off either. This really destroys a survival server.

    Get two stars for the pumpkin heads on mobs and the sound after X minutes.
    1. F_o_F_1092
      Author's Response
      If you don't want to use any of those mobs, you can disable them simply in the Config.yml. You could also ask me (with a PM) to change anything if you have a problem with it. But a two stars review, because you didn't tested the plugin or changed the setting, is probably not the best way to use the review section.
  6. ustillthe1
    Version: 1.1
    I love this Plugin
    I used it for myserver, everyone very like it
  7. NumeroUnoBaby
    Version: 1.0
    Really nice! So many great features and I can't wait to do a video review on this plugin! Keep up the great work
  8. IsaiahFord2000
    Version: 1.0
    Seems like a good plugin i would add a couple things like flashing jack o lanterns and every one and and a while a creepy noise