Mystery Gift [SK] 1.0

Highly cofigurable Mystery Gift!

  1. MachisCZ
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Hello guys! I made another small script what adding Mystery gift.
    Mystery gift is like LuckyBlock plugins. You can customize what will drop after you break it.


    Code (Text):
        NoPermission: &cYou dont have permission for that.
        Prefix: &f[&6Mystery Gift&f]
        ItemName: &5Mystery Gift
        BreakMsg: You broke a &6Mystery Gift&f!
        ParticlesEnabled: true                         #true or false
        Particles: Heart
        SoundEnabled: true                           #true or false
        Sound: level up
        Chance1: 20%
        Stuff1: apple
        Ammout1: 34
        Chance2: 40%
        Stuff2: stone
        Ammout2: 5
        Chance3: 26%
        Stuff3: emerald
        Ammout3: 3
        Chance4: 18%
        Stuff4: stick
        Ammout4: 32
        Chance5: 8%
        Stuff5: gold ingot
        Ammout5: 25
    Commands and perm:

    mysterygift.give - for /mg give


    How to install:
    - Download Skript.jar
    - Download SkQuerry3.jar
    - Download SkRayFall.jar
    - Put Skript.jar, SkEayFall and SkQuerry3.jar to your plugins folder
    - Restart server
    - Download this skript
    - Put Mystery to your plugins/Skript/scripts folder
    - In game use command /sk enable Mystery Gift

    Aditional info:
    You can use my script LuckyBlock breaker to fast break Mystery Gifts.
    Every 5 stars will make me happy :)
    If u want me to add new features just comment your ideas :)
    My english is bad i know, i am so sorry.
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