[MyWarp] Easy to use warp plugin with auto updating gui. 2020-09-06

Designed after InvadedLands

  1. Bossslime
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    I'm gonna be honest, this plugin is probably broken and I don't have any intention to update it, I may remake it in the future as an essentials hook but for right now I wouldn't recommend use it unless you know Skript well enough to fix it yourself.


    MyWarp is a simple to use, GUI based warp system.
    - Warp (warps.player)
    - Warps (warps.player)
    - MyWarp (warps.admin)
    - Setwarp (warps.admin)
    - Delwarp (warps.admin)

    - SkQuery
    - Skript