MyWorld 1.1

World Managment, World

  1. GamingByEli

    -What does this Plugin does?:
    Whith this PLugin you can create,clone,unload a world and tp you to a world.

    -How I install this Plugin:
    1.Download the Plugin
    2.Drop it in you Plugins Folder
    3.Restart/Reload the Server

    /myworld help - Show all Commands
    /myworld create [NAME] - Create a new World
    /myworld clone [NAME] [NEWNAME] - Cole a World
    /myworld unload [NAME] - UNload a World

    Size: 5,4KB
    MC-Version: 1.7-1.8
    Can use with Bukkit?: YES
    Can use with Spingot?: YES

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