MyWorlds 1.19-v1

World Management - Simplified

  1. Some fixes

    • Adds mw_ PlaceholderAPI prefix alias support
    • Fixes default generator options problems with some versions of Minecraft
    • Prevent outdated bed spawns from inventory-split worlds being used
    • Added a /world respawn (info) command to display current settings
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  2. Teleport fixes, entity spawn blocking fixes, misc. improvements

    • [Added] PAPI integration: time, weather, world name alias and many more
    • [Improved] Block physics handling (for disabling portals breaking) more efficient on Paper
    • [Improved] Inventories.yml is now saved on every change, rather than only on plugin shutdown
    • [Improved] Non-player...
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  3. New options, fixed for older bukkit versions and flat world generation

    • Added a separate forceJoinOnMainWorld config option, so that joining the main world can be set without affecting respawns negatively
    • Fix missing setSpawnLocation method on older bukkit versions
    • Fix creating new flat worlds generating a void since 1.18 due to a change in how the default generator settings were represented
    • Added 'nostructures' and 'structures' flat-world generator option, to generate flat worlds/void worlds without...
  4. Fix weird confusion around spawn and respawn points

    The spawn and respawn points were linked, which made them a little annoying to configure. You can now configure a respawn rule (where to go when you die) separate from the spawn point (where you land teleporting to the world). This is done with the new /world respawn set of commands, which include:
    • Respawn at a portal
    • Respawn at a world
    • Respawn where you died
    • Respawn at the current player position where the command is executed

    Other changes:...
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  5. Fix keepinventory perm not working, paper nether portal search support

    A small update, you will want to update BKCommonLib as well. It will now make use of Paper's nether portal search & create radius configuration when using MyWorlds portal logic. The keep inventory permission now works again, but needs to be enabled in the config.yml to avoid it accidentally turning on when granting myworlds.* to people.
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  6. Version bump

    Works for MC 1.18/1.18.1. Updated the preloader which fixes an incompatibility with AsyncWorldEdit.
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  7. Small update: @p in tpp and chunkgen error reporting

    Small routine update. Now provides a clearer message when an error is thrown by a chunk generator plugin. Adds support for @p in the /tpp command so it can be used in command blocks. For example, now you can teleport players to a portal or world when they press a button.
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  8. Minecraft 1.17 compatibility, fixes

    Adds support for Minecraft 1.17, make sure to update BKCommonLib! As well, fixes the following things:
    • Removed world load retry count - caused true failures to load to be swallowed up, causing confusion. Plus, what's the point?
    • Fix mob effect casting bug
    • Add default nether link on forge servers, where world name is dim-1/dim1/etc.
    • (Attempt to) load the spawn area asynchronously when creating a new world. At least reduces the lag that happened before.
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  9. Bugfixes

    Just some bugfixes. No 1.17 support yet!

    • [Improved] Load MyWorlds after SuperiorSkyblock2 to fix incompatibility
    • [Fixed] Fix players teleporting free when rejoining a world (remember last pos)
    • [Fixed] Fix player inventory sometimes saved to wrong world (rare timing bug)
    • [Improved] Respect datapack coordinate scale for...
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  10. Change to inventory enable/disable

    The inventory enable/disable command now enable/disable it for the entire inventory group. This avoids confusion when players lose items on one world and not another.