MZP-Core API | Dynamic SQL - Inventory - Anvil - ItemBuilder - Title - Redis - Cache & MORE 0.0.22

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  1. ludgart
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, German
    The MZP-Core Library

    MZP-Core is a modern, lightweight library for creating advanced plugins in few steps for the most common minecraft server versions. Tested with the minecraft version 1.8 and 1.18.

    What features offer MZP-Core for Server Owner?
    • From 1.8 up to the newest version
    • Same database structure system
    • High performance and lightweight
    • No Configuration disaster
    • Multi network ready
    • Powerful void management
    • Patch for invisible bug, mostly 1.8
    How I can install the API for my server?
    We created for server owner on our GitHub site an easy, understandable tutorial.

    How I can configure the plugin correct?
    You can find on our github page our configuration tutorial.

    Work the API for x version?
    There is no guarantee that it will work on all versions. We tested it on 1.8 and on the newest version 1.17.

    What Plugins use these API?
    More plugins will follow! If you have a plugin what use the API. Contact me!

    What features offer MZP-Core for Developers?
    • From 1.8 up to the newest version
    • Command
    • Player Data
      • Get
      • Set
      • HasValue
      • IsValue
      • Insert
      • Delete
    • Network ( multi server with redis )
      • Custom messaging channel
      • 13 inbuilt packets
      • Custom Packets
    • ItemBuilder
      • DisplayName
      • Lores
      • Enchantsments
      • ItemFlags
      • Armor Color
      • Firework
      • ...
    • Dynamic SQL without knowledge of the language
    • Inventory
      • Inventory Page
      • Inventory Updateable
      • Inventory Anvil

    We created for beginner and for advanced developer easy understandable tutorials. It doesn't matter if you have enough coding knowledge or not. The tutorial is perfect for both types.
    Here you can check out the beginner tutorial!

    What is Dynamic SQL?
    With the biggest feature in our API you dont need to worry about saving data anymore. We generate for you the correct SQL query without knowledge! The dynamic SQL feature is full asynchronous with the help of CompletableFuture. No syntax errors. No frustration. Easy and Fast!

    Here a simple example:
    // Init. zocker
    Zocker zocker = Zocker.getZocker(e.getPlayer().getUniqueId());

    // Get specific data from a player
    // player = table
    // "name" = column
    zocker.get("player", "name");

    Output: "my-new-name"

    In background it generate exactly for you the SQL query and send it to the database.

    I need help, how I can contact you?
    The best way is to join our Discord server. We created for questions and problems a separate channel.

    I found a bug! Where I can report it?
    Our issue list get hosted by github. You can report here bugs.

    All links in overview

    Thanks for reading!

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Recent Reviews

  1. MrsAirhit
    Version: 0.0.17
    Finde es die API sehr nice. Ist einfach zu benutzen und hat viele Features die ohne die API sehr viel umständlicher umzusetzen wären. :)
  2. steth60
    Version: 0.0.16
    Good API, documentation is incomplete. Once the documentation is finished this will be one of the best API around.
    1. ludgart
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your positive feedback. I'm working hard on the plugin and documentation. If you have any question / problem, you are free to contact on my discord server.