NameColors 1.4.3

Easily add colors and prefixes to players' names in your server's in-game chat

  1. DemonWav
    Easily allow people to change the color of their Minecraft name, and allow server OP's to set prefixes for players. The colors available are what Minecraft allows for text colors, you can see the full list here. I did my best to add aliases to the colors that make sense (that is, orange, gold, and dark yellow all point back go the "gold" Minecraft color).

    NameColors allows you to restrict command usage between the players on the server and ops however you like in the config.

    There are plenty of plugins that can add colors to names, and maybe even prefixes, I'm sure, but the point of this plugin is to be simple, and come with no extra garbage or overhead.

    Here is an example of this plugin in in-game chat:

    NameColors also allows you to define and set an arbitrary number of prefixes for players. The default setting in the config reflects IRC prefixes, but they can be any string of characters. The color of the prefix can also be set to any Minecraft color.

    Colored names can be useful for deciphering a complicated chat-box, and the prefixes can allow you to differentiate between differently ranked players on the server.

    NameColors can optionally auto-prefix OP's, as well as optionally auto-prefix new players for a length of time determined by the config.

    For any non-plugin updates (i.e. config changes) you can just run "/namecolors reload".

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    Command Reference

    The source code and build instructions for this plugin is available here.


    • md_5 for his AnnotatedConfig. I use a modified version of it in my plugin. Project
    • Google for the awesome gson library. Makes JSON easy in Java. Project
    • Project Lombok for being amazing. Project
    • Spigot for continued Bukkit support. Project
    If you want to contact me for any reason, feel free to PM "DemonWav" on "", or PM me here.
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