NameManagerBungee 1.0

Bungee Bridge for NameManager!

  1. AgentLV
    This plugin supports a bungee tablist for NameManager.
    Due to limitations, it is currently only possible to have a maximum of 16 characters in the tablist, but I will get myself on a workaround soon. Sorting groups like in NameManager will maybe be possible in future versions.

    If you are using GlobalTablist you will not need this plugin!
    If you are using BungeeTabListPlus, you will not need this plugin either! You will require BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge.jar though and Vault. Just set in NameManager's config Vault: true. In BungeeTabListPlus's config.yml it is recommended to set permissionSource to BUKKIT! In your configured tablist (found in tabLists in the BungeeTabListPlus directory), you will have to set something like this:
    - '{prefix}{tabName}{suffix}'

    Want support for other global tablist plugins? Let me know in the NameManagerBungee thread or write me a pm!

    You will need NameManager 1.8.7 at least for this to work!
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