Namer 1.2

The Ultimate Nicknamer [1.6 - 1.13.2]

  1. Now compatible with AuthMe plugins!


    Firstly you may notice that there is not a jar attached to this update, that is because I am very constrained on time and only have time to do this:

    There is a fix in case you're receiving the message "Already online on server" when you leave after naming yourself. If you want the fix for this you will have to message me what server version you want the fix for as each version requires a different method of implementation so that would mean I'd have to write 6 different ways for all of the major versions.

    (I will do that when I get time for it and if enough people use this plugin)

    Note that if using the fix with AuthMe plugins that names with spaces have issues with other commands not recognizing them.
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