Namer 1.2

The Ultimate Nicknamer [1.6 - 1.13.2]

  1. Added a reset command, reload command


    What's new?

    - Added a /resetname <player> command
    Permission: namer.reset

    - Added a /namerreload command that reloads names.yml and sets names
    Permission: namer.reload

    New file
    When installing v1.2, all you need to do is replace the old jar with v1.2. A new file called "originalnames.yml" will be generated, here will go all actual names of players to be used in the reset command. If you've already set custom nicknames, then you either have to remove their nickname and re-nick them when they join again, or manually enter them in the original names file.

    You can do this by putting their uuid: Actual name

    Code (YAML):
    9d311c0a-e4cd-4bc6-aec5-a79f3381d19e: Perotin
    If this is your first time installing Namer, then you're fine.
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