Namer 1.2

The Ultimate Nicknamer [1.6 - 1.13.2]

  1. Added a reset command, reload command


    What's new?

    - Added a /resetname <player> command
    Permission: namer.reset

    - Added a /namerreload command that reloads names.yml and sets names
    Permission: namer.reload

    New file
    When installing v1.2, all you need to do is replace the old jar with v1.2. A new file called "originalnames.yml" will be generated, here will go all actual names of players to be used in the reset command. If you've already set custom nicknames, then you either have to remove their nickname...
  2. 1.13 support added


    + 1.13 support

    How to install
    1. Replace old jar wit this, enjoy :D
  3. Fixed bug with AuthMe compatibility


    What's new?

    - Just a quick bug fix

    Now works with servers either 1.12 or 1.11.2 that use AuthMe.

    How to install
    Simply replace your older versions of Namer with v1.1.1 and reload/restart your server.
  4. Added 1.12 & 1.11.2 AuthMe support!

    What's new?

    This release is exactly the same for the original except that it now works with AuthMeReloaded and potentially other AuthMe plugins for versions 1.11.2 and 1.12

    If you want me to add support for your version of minecraft then let me know and I will do so!

    Simply replace your older version of Namer with v1.1
  5. Now compatible with AuthMe plugins!


    Firstly you may notice that there is not a jar attached to this update, that is because I am very constrained on time and only have time to do this:

    There is a fix in case you're receiving the message "Already online on server" when you leave after naming yourself. If you want the fix for this you will have to message me what server version you want the fix for as each version requires a different method of implementation so that would mean I'd have to write 6 different ways for all...