NamesHistory 3.0

Shows what names the player used before and more. Works on Bungee and Bukkit!

  1. Rocknest
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    This plugin provides a few commands to view public mojang profile data: names history, past owners of the name, profile uuid.
    All task are asynchronous (no lags).

    Result of using: /history Mumbo

    Result of using: /profile Rocknest

    Result of using: /owner Dr_Polin 30

    • /history <username> (Permission names.history)
      • Shows which names a player used before.
    • /profile <username> (Permission names.profile)
      • Shows the player's profile.
    • /owner <username> <days ago> (Permission names.owner)
      • Shows the owner of the given name at given number of days ago.
    • /nameshistory <option> [value] (Permission names.admin)
      • Displays help menu & controls settings.

    • enable_seconds (true/false) - When true, seconds will be displayed (default FALSE).
    • enable_timezone (true/false) - When true, timezone will be displayed (default TRUE).
    • date_format (1-3) - Controls date format. Available formats:
      1. 2015-03-32 11:25:61 UTC
      2. 32.03.2015 11:25:61 UTC
      3. 32 March 2015 11:25:61 UTC

    Out of date! Many methods were changed.
    Plugin provides simple async API for developers.

    You can retrieve a MojangProfile of a player like that:
    Code (Text):
    public void exampleProfile(String name) {
        NamesHistoryAPI.getProfile(name, new Callback<MojangProfile>() {

            public void done(MojangProfile response, Exception error) {
                if (error != null) {
                    // We have an error! Details: error.getMessage();
                // Anything you want

    You can retrieve a list of which names a player used before like that:
    Code (Text):
    public void exampleHistory(UUID uuid) {
        NamesHistoryAPI.getNamesHistory(uuid, new Callback<NamesHistory>() {

            public void done(NamesHistory response, Exception error) {
                if (error != null) {
                    // We have an error! Details: error.getMessage();
                // Anything you want


    Your reviews are greatly appreciated. Also if you found a bug, please, send report into my PM.
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 3.0
  2. Update 2.2
  3. Fixes broken libraries after the 1.8.3 update.

Recent Reviews

  1. Freddy95Z
    Version: 3.0
    Awesome plugin!
  2. jdogduffy
    Version: 2.1
    I tried the plugin and when I type /history Mr_Maddox does nothing. Mr_Maddox changed his username and I was trying to test.
    1. Rocknest
      Author's Response
      Wrong command, use /owner <username> <days ago> instead.
  3. tommy099431
    Version: 2.0
    You did an awesome job with the updates! Your a good dev -- 10/10
    1. Rocknest
  4. tommy099431
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice! I love it, but I think you should make it so it also shows the users UUID and maybe edit the messages that show up so it would be like

    Current Name: Test
    Old Name: test 22 (2015-01-04 12:40:08 UTC)
    Old Name: test1 (2011-01-04 12:23:12 UTC)
    UUID: 23HU2GH4872G87R2G872G87EFG82

    or something like that, just some suggestions