Nations 1.2.7 (Last update)

Create nations, wage war!

  1. AjaxOfTheDead
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    • General nations features
      • Players can create/disband Nations using a command
      • Nations can create alliances
      • Players can join existing Nations
      • Nation leaders can promote players to 'Officer' and then to 'Leader'
      • Nation leaders can kick members and officers
      • Officers can kick members
      • Players can get a list of a nation's members/leaders/enemies
      • Nation leaders can set a home to which all members can teleport
      • Fully functioning tab completion system
    • War features
      • Nations can declare war on each other
      • Nations can declare war on all the nations
      • A nation at war can request peace of the enemy nation
    • Alliance features
      • Players can create alliances
      • Alliances can be ruined by a declaration of war
    • Kill point system
      • A nation's member can kill another nation's member to gain points
      • Killing players that don't have a nation, are members of your own nation, or are members of your ally's nation won't give you any points
      • Each player has their own amount of kills which is added to the total amount of nation kills
      • The nation with the most kills is ranked number 1 on the nations' top list
      • When a nation reaches a total amount of kills, it allows it's members to use boosters
    There are 4 config files:
    • data.yml (dependent)
    • nation.yml (dependent)
    • users.yml (dependent)
    • config.yml (independent)
      Code (Text):

      #This plugin was made by AjaxOfTheDead
      #This is a Minecraft Nations plugin, you create a nation, add members and destroy your enemies!

      #the reload message
        message: "Nations config reloaded"

      #set the delay of teleportation for the /home command
        seconds: 0

      #allow prefixes to be shown in tab (might interfere with other plugins)
      tab-prefix: false

      #get kill points from all nations instead of only from enemy nations
      kill-all-nations: true

      #set the amount of kill points players will get when killing another player with a specific rank
        Members: 1
        Officers: 2
        Leaders: 5

        #set the amount of kill points a nation must have to get these boosters
          night-vision: 0
          haste: 30
          dolphin-grace: 50
          jumpboost: 50
          invisibility: 55
          water-breathing: 55
          speed: 60
          regeneration: 80
          resistance: 90
          fire-resistance: 90
          absorption: 90
          strength: 120
        #set the booster amplifiers
          night-vision: 1
          haste: 3
          speed: 4
          dolphin-grace: 255 #dolphin's grace is generally really slow
          jumpboost: 2
          invisibility: 1
          water-breathing: 1
          regeneration: 3
          resistance: 3
          fire-resistance: 3
          absorption: 4
          strength: 3
        #set absorption's cooldown
        absorption-cooldown: 30

      #set the nation's prefix color by level
      #level is determined by kill points
            kills: 0
            bukkit-color-code: "&a"
            kills: 10
            bukkit-color-code: "&c"
            kills: 20
            bukkit-color-code: "&e"
            kills: 30
            bukkit-color-code: "&c"
            kills: 40
            bukkit-color-code: "&4"
            kills: 50
            bukkit-color-code: "&1"
            kills: 60
            bukkit-color-code: "&6"
            kills: 70
            bukkit-color-code: "&9"
            kills: 80
            bukkit-color-code: "&3"
            kills: 90
            bukkit-color-code: "&5"
    Warning: If you edit 1 of the dependent files, you'll also have to edit the other dependent files to prevent errors.
    • Player
      • /nations create <nation> | create a nation
      • /nations rename | rename your nation
      • /nations list | display the list of nations
      • /nations disband | disband your nation
      • /nations declare <war/peace> <nation/all> | declare war or peace
      • /nations warlist | show the list of your enemies
      • /nations invite <name> | invite a player to become a member
      • /nations sethome | set a home for your nation
      • /nations home | teleport to your nation's home
      • /nations top | view the leaderboard of all nations based on kills
      • /nations ally <nation> | send an alliance request to a nation
      • /nations kick <name> | kick a player from your nation
      • /nations promote <name> | promote a member to 'Leader'
      • /nations leave | leave a nation
      • /nations info <nation/player> | get the nation info from a nation or a player
      • /nations friendlyfire | Toggle friendly fire among your nation's members
      • /nations booster <booster> | gives the player a potioneffect
    pic2.PNG pic3.PNG pic1.PNG pic4.PNG
    • Admin
      • /nations <nation> addmember <name> | forcibly add a player to a nation if that player is not already in a nation
      • /nations join <nation> | join a nation and become the leader
      • /nations reload | reload the plugin
    • nations.player gives access to the player commands
    • nations.player.sethome gives access to the '/nations sethome' command
    • nations.player.home gives access to the '/nations home' command
    • nations.player.booster gives access to the '/nations booster' command
    • nations.admin gives access to all the player/admin commands
    • nations.reload gives access to the 'reload' command
    • Vault
    • Economy plugin (like essentials)

    Disclaimer: This plugin has been discontinued due to messy code and lack of time to fix it.

Recent Updates

  1. Big fixes/memory issue fixed
  2. New features/fixes
  3. fixed error

Recent Reviews

  1. Magnotec
    Version: 1.2.6 (BETA)
    Amazing plugin! It works really good for my self hosted survival server. One problem though, for some reason, it stops some people from breaking blocks in their own land, even though they own the land and are the leader of the nation. One thing you could add would be the ability to see borders of nations in the overworld, and even possibly dynmap integration. Other than the one problem though, it works perfectly. Best free factions counterpart!
  2. protex750
    Version: 1.2.6 (BETA)
    This plugin sounds really cool but i don't know how to apply it on my aternos server.Can someone send me a link or help me?
  3. CapCreeperGR
    Version: 1.2.6 (BETA)
    A lot of errors when not inputting a command correctly. You should check for the amount of arguments and give out specific messages for the player. Also for some reason the github repository doesn't work. Maybe you could fix it? I would really like to help make this plugin better
  4. Nicolodeon
    Version: 1.2.6 (BETA)
    Great plugin! It wasn't working at first but then I realized it required Vault. Can you add a requirement tab so people know they need Vault? Thanks :D
  5. AxelChips
    Version: 1.2.5
    I would give it 5 stars if they included a system to store information in the database.
  6. Katelinlis
    Version: 1.2.5
    i used this plugin on my server for protect area users
    Claims ? Good! protect please chest,doors,and others
    Thanks :3
  7. Wuppertaler93
    Version: 1.2.3
    Nearly perfect. Unfortunately, the built-in prefix destroys the Chat Manager prefix
  8. WLFCK
    Version: 1.2.1
    Please add dynmap support and the ability to claim land. Otherwise, its a great plugin.
  9. DozerCraft
    Version: 1.2.0
    I uninstalled it for two reasons, if those two reasons are solved it will be a great plugin.
    - Dynmap support.
    - Possibility to claim land
    I hope it will be added for the next updates!! I would always use it!!
  10. MestreSuave
    Great plugin! continue working on it.
    Is working in 1.12
    Please make placeholders!
    1. AjaxOfTheDead
      Author's Response
      Placeholders have been created and will be added in the next update