NaturePlus - Advanced Wilderness Tool 1.1.2

Grows forests and spreads wildlife.

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    *Forests composition can be configured to include grass, small vegetation and animals.

    This plugin generates forests and wildlife. It offers a palette of powerful tools for world maintenance and terraforming.

    Quick video made by me to showcase some of the features, will replace with a decent review if/when one is made.

    Some modes that really need NaturePlus:
    - Factions
    - Towny
    - Survival (SMP)
    - Vanilla
    - Terraforming and Building

    NaturePlus' main features at this time:
    1. Outward and dynamic forest generation
    2. Area forest generation
    3. Systemic background forest
    4. Forest-free safe zones

    1. Organic Vegetation and Wildlife Growth - MUST TRY!
    This feature emulates the way nature spreads in reality. The forest starts with the growth of one tree, and spreads unpredictably into new areas, birthing animals, grass, vegetation and trees. The forest also respects obstacles: for example it doesn't spread through cliffs, but it can spread over small hills. And if triggered with "forest type" <adaptive> , it will also respect the local biomes and their vegetation.

    Related commands:
    /nature organic <adaptive/oak/darkoak/spruce/jungle/birch> [number]
    /nature seedrate [number]


    Start of an organic forest, notice the filaments forming, and how the forest goes around that cliff instead of ignoring it.

    In this picture you can see how such a forest grows randomly through filaments and leaves large spots where players can build. The filaments are not printed, but rather act like worms looking for growable terrain. When they reach a barrier such as water, or a cliff, the filaments look for other directions to go in, which generates random and natural looking forest patterns.

    Two organic forests, oak started on top of the cliff, and jungle at the bottom right of the screenshot. Notice how they are separated by the cliff.

    Organic spruce and birch forests started beside each other mixing in at spots.

    Screenshot of organic forest results on a taiga terrain.








    2. Area Vegetation and Wildlife Growth
    This feature generates wilderness over an area. The density is a factor of time, 'seedrate', and area configurations, which can be set with /nature time [number], and /nature seedrate [number]. After enabling the NaturePlus saplings function, placing a sapling will generate nature of that sapling's type. Placing a grass block will generate nature conforming to the location's biome. Note that there can be multiple biomes per forest area, and the wilderness will respect the biome for each tree!
    Make sure to disable saplings once you're done using it to avoid unwanted trees with /nature saplings off.

    There are three forest shapes to choose from:
    center - more wilderness in the middle, less farther away
    ring - empty in the middle, wilderness on the outside shaped as a ring
    flat - evenly spread over the area

    Related commands:
    /nature saplings <on/off>
    /nature seedrate [number]
    /nature range [number]
    /nature formation <ring/center/flat>


    Example of different types of forests spawned to create a landscape using the area saplings tool (in flatland).

    Same scene from above.

    In the next spoiler I show examples of a small area /nature range 20 for a long time /nature time 1000 with a high seedrate /nature seedrate 1. This is an extreme setting which results in a lot of trees on a small area. If alowed to grow long enough, you'll be able to dig through trees as if it was the ground.



    The next spoiler contains screenshots of a ring forest set with a sapling. Commands used are:
    /nature saplings on

    /nature seedrate 3
    /nature range 70
    /nature formation ring
    Then I placed a jungle sapling in the middle of the village. Notice how the ring formation setting can be useful to create a forest around buildings without overgrowing the area.





    3. Systemic Background Nature Regeneration
    This feature is meant to grow wilderness at a constant pace around areas with online players. The speed is configurable, and is set to action per 2.5 minutes (3000 ticks) per online player. The feature is disabled by default and must be enabled in the plugin's config.yml file.

    4. Safezones
    Safezones are areas on the map where vegetation will not spread. Their first point can be placed with /nature safezones new <circle/rectangle> [name], which creates the first corner or center, depending on the type of zone <circle/rectangle>, and /nature safezones tohere to complete the zone. The safezones will be saved in the zones.NaturePlus file.

    Important commands:
    /nature safezones show
    /nature safezones remove [name]
    /nature safezones rename [name] [newname]


    Rectangle safezone set with /nature safezones rectangle [name]


    Round safezone set with /nature safezones circle [name]

    Other Important commands:
    /nature stop - to stop your tasks
    /nature stopall - to stop server-wide tasks
    /nature configs show
    /nature saplings <on/off>

    All commands listed in plugin.yml and accessible by /help NaturePlus:
    Function: Toggles saplings as forest starters.
    Command: /nature saplings <on/off>

    Function: Starts an organic forest expansion from your location. Begins growth when command is entered.
    <adaptive> is based on the biome it spawns on.
    Others are <oak/spruce/acacia/jungle/darkoak/birch>
    Command: /nature organic [type] [tree-number]

    Function: Sets how long a sapling forest will spawn trees.
    Command: /nature time [ticks] - 20 ticks = 1 second.

    Function: Sets how fast trees grow.
    Command: /nature seedrate [ticks] - 20 = 1 second

    Function: Sets forest size around placed sapling.
    Command: /nature range [blocks] - Number of blocks must be positive.

    Function: Sets the forest's shape around the sapling.
    Command: /nature shape <flat/center/ring>

    Function: Toggles population of forests with animals.
    Command: /nature animals <on/off>

    Function: Toggles population of forests with grass.
    Command: /nature grass <on/off>

    Function: Sets the maximum number of forests you can have growing at the same time.
    Command: /nature capacity [number]

    Function: Shows your configurations.
    Command: /nature configs show - Shows your configurations.

    Function: Resets to default configurations.
    Command: /nature defaults configs

    Function: Applies any other command to specified player.
    Command: /nature player [name] <command> - Most commands.

    Function: Stops all processes, including other players'.
    Command: /nature stopall

    Function: Stops all your processes.
    Command: /nature stop

    Function: Creates new safezone.
    Command: /nature safezones new <rectangle/circle> [name]

    Function: Finishes safezone at the player's location.
    Command: /nature safezones tohere

    Function: Lists safezones.
    Command: /nature safezones show

    Function: Remove safezone.
    Command: /nature safezones remove [name]

    Function: Rename safezone.
    Command: /nature safezones rename [name] [newname]

    description: Allows creation of safezones.
    description: Allows use of organic forests.

    description: Allows use of /nature saplings toggle.

    description: Allows use of stopall command.

    description: Allows use of stop command.

    description: Allows use of time command.

    description: Allows use of seedrate command.

    description: Allows use of range setting.

    description: Allows use of formation command.

    description: Allows use of capacity command.

    description: Allows a player to apply commands on other players.

    description: Allows a player to reset own configs to default.

    description: Allows toggle of animals spawning.

    description: Allows toggle of grass spawning.




    I have big plans for the future of this plugin, and I will regularly update and maintain it. I highlight some of them in the spoiler below.
    • user configurable custom forest types and support for BO2 objects
    • support for lands and worldguard
    • completely random giant tree generator
    • terrain naturalization which would take down user-built structures and turn them into nature
    • optional addition to survival where players must build a temple and give tributes to keep nature from attacking them in some creative ways that I'll document here once I have more work done on it

    Some images were taken on this treeless map.
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