NaughtyMode (this is not a troll tool!) 4.0.0

instead of banning a naughty player, put him/her in the naughty game mode!

  1. vk2gpz
    This plugin will allow server moderator/administrator to put a naughty player into the naughty game mode.

    Once player is put in the naughty game mode, he CANNOT:
    • chat (including /msg, /r, /yell, etc)
    • break blocks,
    • place blocks,
    • write a book
    • write a sign
    • move
    • give damage to others
    • use entity
    • execute a command
    • restrict the spawn/teleport to the specific world (spawn point).
    Basically s/he needs to just quietly roaming around so that s/he won't bother other players. The naughty mode is time-based gamemode. It will automatically expire. (In case moderator/admin forget to remove those naughty players from the naughty list)

    • /naughty help : displayer the help menu
    • /naughty reload : reload the config.yml
    • /naughty list : lists the name of players who are currently in the naughty gamemode.
    • /naughty add <player> [seconds] [mode:cwbpmue] : puts <player> in the naughty gamemode for [seconds], If [seconds] is not specified, the default duration will be used.
      • following "mode:" can be used:
        • c : prevent chat
        • w : prevent writing sign/book
        • b : prevent placing/breaking blocks
        • p : prevent giving damage to others
        • m : prevent movement
        • u : prevent use of item
        • e : prevent execution of a command
        • s : restrict the spawn point to the specified naughty spawn. (assumes that naughty spawn point is set in the special naughty world you wish the player to be confined to.)
      • Default mode is mode:cwbpu and can be changed in config.yml.
    • /naughty remove <player> : removes <player> from the naughty list.
    • /naughty setspawn : set the naughty spawn point to the location where you're standing.
    • /naughty removespawn : remove the naughty spawn point.
    • naughtymode.reload : allows you to use the reload command
    • naughtymode.admin : allows you to use list/add/remove commands.
    You just put NaughtyMode.jar file into your server's plugins folder.

    Code (Text):

      ErrorMsg : "&c[NaughtyMode] : Some error occured."
      NoPermForList: "&c[NaughtyMode] You don't have permission to see the Naughty lists!"
      Added: "&aAdded the player &e%player% &ato the naughty list."
      AlreadyAdded: "&aThe player &e%player% &cis already on the naughty list!"
      Removed: "&aRemoved the player &e%player% &afrom the naughty list."
      NoPerm: "&aYou don't have a permission to do this!"
      NotOnList: "&aThe player &e%player% &ais not on the list"
      YouAreOnList: "&aYou're on the naughty list! You're now allowed to do anything!"
      YouAreOffList: "&aYou're no longer on the naughty list!"

        msg: "=== &e[&aNaughtyMode Commands List (%version%)&e] &r==="
        msg: "&a/naughty help : displays this help menu."
        msg: "&a/naughty reload : reloads config file."
        permission: "naughtymode.reload"
        msg: "&a/naughty debug <true|false> : turn on / off the debug mode."
        permission: "naughtymode.debug"
        msg: "&a/naughty list : lists the players who are currently on the naughty list."
        permission: "naughtymode.admin"
        msg: "&a/naughty add <player> [duration] : add owner-based command to the command list."
        permission: "naughtymode.admin"
        msg: "&a/naughty remove <player>  : removes <player> from the naughty list."
        permission: "naughtymode.admin"

    # by default, the naught mode will last 1h.
    DefaultDuration: 3600           #in second

    # c:chatting, w:writing, b:block-break/placing, p:pvp, m:moving u:use
    DefaultMode: cwbpu
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Recent Reviews

  1. Shadowsanctum
    Version: 3.4.1
    I love it but I got a Idea to add to this in Naughtymode can you give us a Choice to put there spawn point in a Different world cause I would love to Punish them and stick them in a World Full of there own kind for a set amount of hours/days/weeks/months. So I can Punish them while also. Letting them play.
    P.S. I am going to put the world in Night time mode forever and put it on the hardest mode with Slowness effect 1, Blindness 1. these Effects will be with them intel they are back to the World spawn

    Love this Plugin thou going to put my Server up soon!
    1. vk2gpz
      Author's Response
      hmm NaughtySpawn... I will think about it.
  2. KDTemperor
    Version: 3.4.1
    This is an excellent plugin!
    It's better than making a ban since they can still roam around the server.
  3. Maratx
    Version: 3.1.0
    Version: 1.10.2
    Spigot: Latest (9/15/16)

    Need to punish somebody, but a perm ban is not enough? This is the plugin to turn to.

    Also helps when trying to confront a hacker, but don't want them to blow up the server in rage.

    Functional, Lite, Effective, would recommend on any server. 11/5
  4. James76931
    Version: 1.0.0
    Once again, vk impresses everyone with yet another super amazing plugin. 11/10. No questions asked. :)
  5. TheySeeMeRolling
    Version: 1.0.0
    You might need to disable item dropping
    1. vk2gpz
      Author's Response
      item pickup/droppng are added.