NavigationCompass Reloaded [Bukkit Edition] 1.0

The Navigation you want!

  1. maxi1498
    Hello Guys and Girls, i wanna show you here my plugin named CompassNavigation Reloaded. I Hope you Enjoy feel free to let an reviews or write me an message i will answer as fast as i can ;D


    What my Plugin does? It makes your life as Server owner much easier :D
    I write a few algorithms to get all what you want out of the Configs an so on.
    But later.

    Mainly it is an TeleportCompass or NavigationCompass to teleport your Player between Portals or Rooms. With this Plugin you can easly set your Points you want in the Config an then just rightclick to set it where you want!

    After this litte Step you can teleport with leftclick to this point!

    Some Serius Points:

    If you wanna create an Close Item, in the Name of the Item have to be exatly these word:


    If you wanna create an Premium Item, in the Name of the Item have to be exactly these word:



    There no Commands yet.. (maybe never be)

    I love GUI's and i hope you too.


    There are not much permissions, the only one you need to set the Point is


    With this Permission you can rightclick the items in the GUI and set the points!

    You can create Premium Item's in the config and to teleport to these points player will need an permission which you can set in the items.yml.


    Here is an List of Server which already use the Plugin or an recoded version of it:

    EnderCake.COM | (At the moment the only one)


    There is no Video Tutorial at the Moment i will make one in German in a few Days. If you wanna make a Tutorial make it and send me please the Link i will post it here.


    Here is an List of Things which will be added in the next Versions if you have any Ideas let me know ;D

    [+] Item's that can execute Commands for Players
    [+] New Item Functions (Like Close, VIP)


    (TIPP: Do not change anything in the locations.yml! Plugin probably will break)

    1.You're not permitted to resell or repost this plugin!
    2. You're not permitted to reode or rewrite it!
    3. You're permitted to recommend it to other server owner!

    I hope you like my Plugin and wish you a good day ;D
    Anyway you have any problems you can send me an PM or write in the discussion area. Please not write an bad review to say that there is an bug say it in the discussion area!