nbdEffects (abandoned) 1.4

Strike lightning whenever a player dies, where they die!

  1. nbdSteve
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    ▬▬▬▬ nbdEffects v1.4 ▬▬▬▬
    **NOTE: If you are using 1.8+ You will need to change the sound values in the config.yml for the plugin to work properly! Do this before reviewing!**

    This is a simple plugin that will add effects, and visual additions to a players death. Currently the plugin supports the lightning effect, when a player dies lightning will strike their death point. The lightning will not destroy any player drops.

    Current Effects:
    ▶ Lightning Strike upon player death.
    ▶ Death Cry sound when a player dies.
    ▶ A sound played to the player when they join the server.
    ▶ Fireworks spawned at the players location when the join the server.
    ► Custom chat message replacements! (GG, GLHF, GF and lol).
    ► Custom PVP related death messages with player stats!
    ► Bow Health message sent to the player who shot the bow.
    ▶ (I plan on adding more effects based on requests).

    ▶ /deatheffect lightning on - toggles the lightning effect to on (active).
    ▶ /deatheffect lightning off - toggles the lightning effect to off (inactive).
    ** Permission: nbdeffect.lightning **

    ▶ /deatheffect deathcry on - toggles the death cry effect to on (active).
    ▶ /deatheffect deathcry off - toggles the death cry effect to off (inactive).
    ** Permission: nbdeffect.deathcry **

    ▶ /deatheffect joinsound on - toggles the join sound to on (active).
    ▶ /deatheffect joinsound off - toggles the join sound to off (inactive).
    ** Permission: nbdeffect.joinsound **

    ▶ /deatheffect joinfirework on - toggles the join firework to on (active).
    ▶ /deatheffect joinfirework off - toggles the join firework to off (inactive).
    ** Permission: nbdeffect.firework **

    ► GG | permission: nbdeffect.chat.gg
    ► GF | permission: nbdeffect.chat.gf
    ► GL HF | permission: nbdeffect.chat.glhf
    ► LOL | permission: nbdeffect.chat.lol

    ▶ Permission to run commands: nbdeffects.admin
    Permissions are attached to each effect as shown above.

    Test The Plugin Here:

    ▶ Simply drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder and restart your server! There are no other plugins required!

    Default Configuration File:
    Code (Text):

    # Configuration file for nbdEffects v1.4

    # Made with a keyboard and computer
    # Report bugs / problems to me on discord!
    # https://discord.gg/j6Yj5B8
    # -nbdSteve
    # If you are unsure about an aspect of the config please msg me on discord!
    # All of the nice comments get removed :(

    # If the lightning kill effect is enabled (requires permission: nbdeffect.lightning).
    LightningEnabled: true
    # If death cry sounds are enabled.
    DeathCryEnabled: true
    # The DeathCry played to players when the player dies if the person being killed has permission (nbdeffect.deathcry).
    DeathCrySound: BAT_DEATH
    DeathCryVolume: 1
    DeathCryPitch: 1
    # The radius in blocks players will have to be in to hear the DeathCry.
    DeathCryRadius: 32
    # If the join sound feature is enabled.
    JoinSoundEnabled: true
    # The sound played to the player when they join, if they have the permission (nbdeffect.joinsound).
    JoinSound: LEVEL_UP
    JoinVolume: 1
    JoinPitch: 3
    # If the join firework feature is enabled (requires permission: nbdeffect.firework).
    JoinFireworkEnabled: true
    # The message broadcast to everyone when someone kills another player
    # Valid placeholders: %dead%, %totalDeaths%, %killer%, %totalKills%
    DeathBroadcastEnabled: true
    DeathBroadcast: '&c&lPVP: &6&l%dead% &7was just slain by &6&l%killer%&7! %killer% now has &f&l%totalKills% &7Kills and %dead% has &f&l%totalDeaths%&7 Deaths!'
    # Bow Message sent to the shooter when they hit the player with an arrow
    # Valid placeholders: %hurt%, %damager%, %hurtHealth%
    BowMessageEnabled: true
    BowMessage: '&f&lPVP: &b&l%hurt% &7has &c%hurtHealth% HP'
    # Chat messages (see spigot for permission nodes).
    GGmsg: '&6&lGG&r'
    GFmsg: '&b&lGF&r'
    LOLmsg: '&a&llol&r'
    GLHFmsg: '&c&lGL HF&r'
    # Messages for the plugin.
    FeatureEnabled: '&7You toggled that feature to &a&l&nTRUE'
    FeatureDisabled: '&7You toggled that feature to &c&l&nFALSE'
    NoPermMSG: '&cYou do not have permission to use that!'
    ReloadMSG: '&7You &a&l&nSUCCESSFULLY&7 reloaded the configuration file!'

    ▶ Join my discord for support if you are having problems!
    ▶ Report bugs in my discord as well
    ▶ Discord: https://discord.gg/j6Yj5B8
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      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the review! I'm really glad you like the plugin :).
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    Version: 1.1

    Really nice plugin, love all the customisation features :)

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      Thanks for the review! I appreciate the feedback :3
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    Great. Maybe make the command to /deatheffect instead? Thanks for this plugin! ! !
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      Thanks a lot for the review :D! Nice idea for the command, I will change it in the next update.
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    Nice plugin. Have a request Can you add Death cries ?
    30 charssssssssssssssssssss
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      Thanks so much for the review :D Great Idea, I will add some in the next update :)