nbdEffects (abandoned) 1.4

Strike lightning whenever a player dies, where they die!

  1. nbdEffects || Update 1.1 - Added New Donator Messages! Customizable GGs, GL HF, lol and GF!

    ▬▬▬▬ nbdEffects || Update 1.2 ▬▬▬▬

    Update Info:

    I added new messages, basically this feature will replace certain words in the chat with the message you have specified in the config.yml! The current messages being replaced are: GG, GF, GL HF and lol! Each message has a seperate permission node, so you can give golden GGs to your donors! I also fixed a bug reported by @Peebbong that occurred when a player died.

    New messages & Permissions:
    ► GG - nbdeffect.chat.gg
    ► GF - nbdeffect.chat.gf
    ► GL HF - nbdeffect.chat.glhf
    ► LOL - nbdeffect.chat.lol

    I hope you enjoy the new features and fixes!
    Please report any bugs!
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