nbdPackage (abandoned) 1.0

The best, free enchanter plugin that only slightly alters game-play.

  1. nbdSteve
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬ nbdPackage v1.0 ▬▬▬▬▬▬

    - If you are using 1.8+ You will need to change the sound values in the config.yml & fund.yml for the plugin to work properly! Please do this before reviewing!
    - Please read the LIMITATIONS section of this plugin!
    nbdPackage is a highly customizable and versatile custom enchantment plugin. Everything in this plugin can be customized: the GUI layout, all messages, all sounds, all enchantment levels and effects, all lores for all items and all item names. This is a great plugin to have on your server if you want a variety of custom enchants that will add to PVP rather than making it something completely foreign with an over-saturation of effects and abilities. You can also disable and enable any item in the config.yml (if it is disabled it will not show up in the GUI).

    Enchanter GUI:
    This is default enchanter GUI, this can be customized in the config.yml. The 4 sets of armor in the top rows are the custom armor that can be configured in the config.yml. Below the armor are the enchantment books, see the spoiler below for more screenshots of the enchanted books & armor lores.
    EnchantmentInGUI.png ArmorExample.png

    Custom Enchantments:
    All of the custom enchantments can be enabled and disabled in the config.yml. You can customize the lore for the book in the GUI and the book that you get when your purchase it from the GUI. You can also customize the lore that is added to an item that is enchanted with it. You can also customize the effect given by the enchantment. The enchants listed in this spoiler are just an example:
    Velocity - gives the player Speed.
    Rocket Shoes - gives the player Jump Boost.
    Tesselate - gives the player Fire Resistance.
    Jelly Legs - prevents the player from taking fall damage.
    Mermaid - gives the player Water Breathing.
    Overload - gives the player Health Boost.
    Drunk - gives the player strength and weakness.
    Valor - gives the player resistance and mining fatigue.
    Canteen - gives the player Saturation.
    Insomnia - gives the player Night Vision
    Feather Touch - the player can mine obsidian instantly
    Over Clock - gives the player Haste.
    Venom - has a chance to give the enemy Poison.
    Sedate - has a chance to give the enemy Mining Fatigue.
    Inquisitive - has a chance to double exp drops from mobs.
    Lifesteal - has a chance to steal HP from your enemy and give it to you.
    Decapitation - has a chance to decapitate your enemy on their death. (Broadcasts a message and sound to the server).
    Shackles - has a chance to give the enemy Slowness.
    Wither - has a chance to give the player Wither.
    Bloodlust - has a chance to give the player strength after a kill.
    Forge - gradually repairs your armor overtime.

    All proc chances can be customized in the config, the effect is relative to the enchantment level. Velocity I will give speed 1.

    All custom enchantments can be applied to items with ease, just simply drag and drop the book onto the active item (set in the config.yml).

    All custom enchantment books can be upgraded by dragging & dropping to books of the same level ontop of each other. You can do this for bigger stack sizes but the stack size must be a multiple of 2. These 2 Bloodlust 4 books would combine to give a Bloodlust 5 book.

    Custom Armor:
    There are currently 4 armor sets that you can customize, you can set the amount of increased damage and the amount of decreased damage from other entities. You can also increase the amount of damage other entities do. The increase / decrease set the corresponding number in the config, for +10% damage the IncreasedDamageMod would be 1.10.

    You can also customize the lore of the Item as well as the lore of the item in the enchanter GUI, any disabled armor sets will not show in the enchanter GUI. The player will also receive a message in chat when the put on a full set of armor.

    Server Fund (/fund):
    The server fund is a way of bringing the community together as everyone has to contribute to the server fund, in order to unlock the items in the Enchanter GUI. You can customize everything about the server fund in the fund.yml.

    The funded percentage can be displayed in the GUI, this will updated dynamically with the server fund if someone contributes to it. All of the variables are contained within the messages already (they are the phrases enclosed in %signs%).

    If you would like to disable the server fund you should fund it yourself in game, then it will be disabled and all items unlocked. Or you can set the "Funded" option in the fund.yml to true.

    Commands & Permissions:
    nbdpackage.fund - permission to do the /fund commands.
    nbdpackage.admin - permission to use all admin commands.

    Commands **ENCHANTER**:
    /ce, /enchanter, /ca, /customenchant - all of these commands will open the enchanterGUI, requires no permission.

    Commands **FUND**:
    (requires 'nbdpackage.fund').
    /fund help
    /fund whatis
    /fund add <amount>

    Commands **ADMIN**:
    (requires 'nbdpackage.admin').
    /fund set
    /fund reload

    /ce reload

    /givenbd reload
    /givenbd book <book number in config> <player name> <book level>
    /givenbd armor <armor set number in config> <player name> <piece>

    **If you have any questions about commands please pm me on discord!**

    FundGoal: "50000000"
    Funded: false
    CurrentFund: "0"
    MinimumFundAmount: "10000"
    FundedMessage: "&a&l&nALERT!&7 The server has been fully funded, books and armor can now be purchased from /ce"
    AlreadyFundedMessage: "&f&lFUND &b> &7the server has fund of &a$%totalFund%&7 already been funded!"
    FundUpdatedMessage: "&f&lFUND &b> &7you have &a&l&nSUCCESSFULLY&7 updated the server funding goal."
    FundAddedMessage: "&f&lFUND &b> &7you added &a$%fundAdded%&7 to the server fund."
    FundTooSmallMessage: "&c&l&nERROR!&7 the minium fund amount is &a$%minFund%"
    FundCompleteMessage: "&c&l&nERROR!&7 your donation is too generous! please donate &a$%remainingAmount%&7 to complete the server fund."
    InvalidCommandMessage: "&c&l&nERROR!&7 unknown command, try &f/fund help"
    NotFundedMessage: "&c&l&nERROR!&7 You can not purchase that yet because the server hasn't been funded! &f/fund add <amount>"
    - "&7 "
    - "&f&lFUND &b>"
    - "&3/fund"
    - "&7See the current amount funded, percentage funded, and the total fund."
    - "&7 "
    - "&3/fund add <amount>"
    - "&7Add to the server fund, <amount> must be a number."
    - "&7 "
    - "&3/fund whatis"
    - "&7See more information about what the server fund is."
    - "&7 "
    - "&7 "
    - "&3>>> &f&lCURRENT FUNDING &3<<<"
    - "&7 "
    - "&6&lCURRENT: &e&l$%currentFund%"
    - "&3&lPERCENT FUNDED: &b&l%fundPercent%%"
    - "&2&lTOTAL FUND: &a&l$%totalFund%"
    - "&7 "
    - "&7 "
    - "&f&lSERVER FUND &b>"
    - "&7The server fund is used to lock items like: &ecustom enchantments&7, and &ecustom armor&7. The reason why these items are locked is so that the community has to work together to unlock them."
    - "&7This is the purpose of the &bserver fund&7, if you want to check the current status of the fund try &f/fund&7."
    - "&7 "
    Item: "CHEST"
    ItemData: 0
    Enchanted: true
    Name: "&6&m----=&c&l>>> &f&l??? &c&l<<<&6&m=----&r"
    - "&7 "
    - "&7&m----------------------------------------------"
    - "&7All &ecustom enchantments &7and &ecustom armor items"
    - "&7are currently &c&l&nLOCKED&7 and cannot be purchased."
    - "&7&m----------------------------------------------"
    - "&7 "
    - "&7The server must be &b100% &7funded to &a&lUNLOCK&7 the ability"
    - "&7to &epurchase&7 and &euse&7 these items, avaliable in this GUI."
    - "&7 "
    - "&f&lCURRENT FUND &b> &6&l$%currentFund%&7 - &b&l%percentFunded%%&7 funded."
    - "&7 "
    - "&7Contribute to the server fund using &f/fund add <amount>"
    - "&7 "
    CloseGUIVolume: 1
    CloseGUIPitch: 0
    FundedSound: "ENDERDRAGON_GROWL"
    FundedVolume: 1
    FundedPitch: 2

    Dependencies and Compatibility:
    This plugin depends on:
    - Vault
    - Some form of economy plugin (most servers use essentials).

    This plugin is compatible with:
    - WorldGuard
    - SavageFactions
    **IF YOU ARE NOT USING THESE - Set them to false in the config.yml**

    Limitations of nbdPackage:
    Currently there isn't a way to customize the armor type of the enchantments, enchantments 1-2 are for boots, 3-5 are for leggings, 6-8 are for chestplates and 9-10 are for helmets. The tool enchantments are more versatile but enchantments like: Bloodlust can only be applied to axes and swords.

    Currently each potion effect has to be unique for each armor piece, if you have 2 armor enchantments that give the effect speed you will run into problems with enchantments not working properly.

    I plan on fixing these in the future! If you have any requests pm me on discord!

    Support (please contact me if you have issues with this!):
    ▶ Join my discord for support if you are having problems!
    ▶ Report bugs in my discord as well
    ▶ Discord: https://discord.gg/j6Yj5B8
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