NBT API 2.8.0

Add custom NBT tags or modify tags of Items/Entities/Tiles without NMS!

  1. tr7zw
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    (Item/Entity/Tile) NBT API
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The NBT API allows you to add custom NBT tags to Itemstacks, TileEntities and Entities, or modify excisting ones!
    It completely uses reflections to interact with NMS code and works with all the latest versions. On server start the plugin checks all reflections.

    Tested on Spigot
    • (1.7*)1.8.8-1.17
    • The NBTInjector will not work with: 1.12.0, 1.12.1, 1.13.0 (Please just update to the final release of your chosen version)
    • On startup you will get a notification if there is a version problem!
    * 1.7 Notes: Use a 1.7 with R4 (1.7.10), NBTLists may not work, everything using Gson is disabled(Add Gson before the NBTAPI loads, to turn it back on), and you can't get the NBTTypes, because 1.7 is missing this feature. TLDR: 1.7.10 is somewhat broken and not everything might work due to 1.7.10 limitations.

    What do I have to do as a server owner?
    Just download the jar and drop it in the plugins folder. Done.
    Note that outdated plugins may ask for "ItemNBTAPI". In this case download version 1.8.3 from the versions tab. The outdated "ItemNBTAPI" and "NBTApi" can be used at the same time.
    Important for version 2.0.0: Don't reload while using the NBTInjector. Reloading, in general, is a horrible thing and it will break the NBTInjector in horrible ways! When updating plugins/changing configs always restart the server normally!

    How can I use the API as developer?
    Create the NBT Wrapper:
    Code (Text):
    NBTItem nbti = new NBTItem(item);
    NBTEntity nbtent = new NBTEntity(zombie); //Only for vanilla tags!
    NBTTileEntity tent = new NBTTileEntity(block.getState()); //Only for vanilla tags!
    NBTFile file = new NBTFile(new File(getDataFolder(), "test.nbt"));
    NBTContainer container =  new NBTContainer(json); //Parse in json
    Add/Get/Override NBT tags:
    Code (Text):
    nbti.setString("Stringtest", "Teststring");
    nbti.setInteger("Inttest", 42);
    nbti.setDouble("Doubletest", 1.5d);
    nbti.setBoolean("Booleantest", true);
    //More are avaible!
    //Get all Tags
    //Check for an tag
    //Remove a tag
    nbti.setString("Stringtest", null);
    //Create NBTTagCombounds(Imagine folders)
    //Get Compound
    NBTCompound comp = nbti.getCompound("subtag");
    //Get Compound parent(null at root)
    //Save Objects via Gson
    nbti.setObject("myobject", new SimpleJsonTestObject());
    //Get Objects
    SimpleJsonTestObject simpleObject = nbti.getObject("myobject", SimpleJsonTestObject.class);
    //Merge the data from compound A into B (Like the /data merge command)
    //Get the nbt as json

    //Access/create lists
    And finally get back the Bukkit Itemstack(Changes on Tiles/Entities will happen directly):
    Code (Text):
    Saving the NBTFile:
    Code (Text):
    Important note regarding Tiles/Entities
    Starting with 1.14+ you can use the getPersistentDataContainer() (for NBT(Tile)-Entity's) to save custom tags. This replaces the now mentioned NBT-Injector.

    Non-vanilla tags can't usually be added to to Tiles/Entities. Thanks to
    [​IMG] the NBTAPI now includes a tool called "NBTInjector", that compiles custom (Tile-)Entity classes during runtime to allow custom nbt. The custom data will remain during chunk unloads/server restarts. Data will be lost when chunks get loaded without the NBTAPI loaded! Since 2.1.0 the NBTInjector won't be enabled by default! Please enable it during onLoad with NBTInjector.inject(); if you are using it!
    Adding custom nbt to tiles:
    Code (Text):

    NBTCompound comp = NBTInjector.getNbtData(block.getState());
    comp.setString("Foo", "Bar");
    Adding custom nbt to entities:
    Code (Text):

    Entity ent = world.getEntitiesByClasses(Animals.class, Monster.class).iterator().next();
    ent = NBTInjector.patchEntity(ent); //This needs to be called at least once on the entity to enable custom nbt!
    NBTCompound comp = NBTInjector.getNbtData(ent);
    comp.setString("Hello", "World");
    Note: Before NBTInjector.getNbtData can be used on an Entity, NBTInjector.patchEntity has to be used on it at least once. This method will check if the entity is patched, and if not remove the entity and respawn it with the correct class. This destroys the original entity reference(the new one is returned) and the entity will blink once ingame. Bestcase you call this method right when the entity is spawned to prevent unwanted behavior(the blink, entities interacting with the Entity beeing patched like riding/leashes/combat may have problems).

    Adding to your project
    (Historicly it was Jitpack. Don't use it anymore!)
    NBTApi is hosted and compiled by CodeMC.
    JenkinsBuild CodeMC-Info

    Using Maven
    Using Gradle

    Example Code
    Code (Text):

     Zombie z = (Zombie) b.getWorld().spawnEntity(b.getLocation().add(0, 1, 0), EntityType.ZOMBIE);
                    NBTEntity nbtent = new NBTEntity(z);
                    nbtent.setByte("CanPickUpLoot", (byte) 1);
                    NBTList list = nbtent.getCompoundList("Attributes");
                    for(int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++){
                        NBTListCompound lc = list.getCompound(i);
                            lc.setDouble("Base", 0.5d);

    Code (Text):

                    NBTEntity nbtent = new NBTEntity(zombie);
                    nbtent.mergeCompound(new NBTContainer("{Silent:1b,Invulnerable:1b,Glowing:1b,IsBaby:1b}"));

    Code (Text):

            ItemStack head = new ItemStack(Material.SKULL_ITEM, 1, (short) 3);
            NBTItem nbti = new NBTItem(head);
            NBTCompound disp = nbti.addCompound("display");
            disp.setString("Name", "Testitem");
            List<String> l = disp.getStringList("Lore");
            l.add("Some lore");
            NBTCompound skull = nbti.addCompound("SkullOwner");
            skull.setString("Name", "tr7zw");
            skull.setString("Id", "fce0323d-7f50-4317-9720-5f6b14cf78ea");
            NBTListCompound texture = skull.addCompound("Properties").getCompoundList("textures").addCompound();
            texture.setString("Signature", "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");
            texture.setString("Value", "eyJ0aW1lc3RhbXAiOjE0OTMwNDkwMTcxNTIsInByb2ZpbGVJZCI6ImZjZTAzMjNkN2Y1MDQzMTc5NzIwNWY2YjE0Y2Y3OGVhIiwicHJvZmlsZU5hbWUiOiJ0cjd6dyIsInNpZ25hdHVyZVJlcXVpcmVkIjp0cnVlLCJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvYTI3NDZlNWU5OGMwZWRmZTU1YTI3ZGRjNjUxMmJmNjllYzJiYmNlNmM3ZmNhNTQ5YmEzNjZkYThiNTRjZTRkYiJ9fX0=");

            NBTCompoundList attribute = nbti.getCompoundList("AttributeModifiers");
            NBTListCompound mod1 = attribute.addCompound();
            mod1.setInteger("Amount", 10);
            mod1.setString("AttributeName", "generic.maxHealth");
            mod1.setString("Name", "generic.maxHealth");
            mod1.setInteger("Operation", 0);
            mod1.setInteger("UUIDLeast", 59664);
            mod1.setInteger("UUIDMost", 31453);

            nbti.setInteger("HideFlags", 4);
            nbti.setBoolean("Unbreakable", true);
            head = nbti.getItem();

    Code (Text):

                    Ocelot m = (Ocelot) e.getPlayer().getWorld().spawnEntity(e.getPlayer().getLocation(), EntityType.OCELOT);
                    NBTEntity ent = new NBTEntity(m);
    Code (Text):

    -AgeLocked: 0b
    -HurtByTimestamp: 0
    -CatType: 0
    -Leashed: 0b
    -Health: 10.0f
    -Sitting: 0b
    -Attributes: [0:{Base:10.0d,Name:"generic.maxHealth"},1:{Base:0.0d,Name:"generic.knockbackResistance"},2:{Base:0.30000001192092896d,Name:"generic.movementSpeed"},3:{Base:0.0d,Name:"generic.armor"},4:{Base:0.0d,Name:"generic.armorToughness"},5:{Base:16.0d,Modifiers:[0:{UUIDMost:-8783172028836920024L,UUIDLeast:-6820414278857408689L,Amount:-0.030166473586416633d,Operation:1,Name:"Random spawn bonus"}],Name:"generic.followRange"}]
    -FallFlying: 0b
    -LeftHanded: 0b
    -ForcedAge: 0
    -AbsorptionAmount: 0.0f
    -HandItems: [0:{},1:{}]
    -ArmorDropChances: [0:0.085f,1:0.085f,2:0.085f,3:0.085f]
    -OwnerUUID: ""
    -InLove: 0
    -DeathTime: 0s
    -ArmorItems: [0:{},1:{},2:{},3:{}]
    -CanPickUpLoot: 0b
    -HandDropChances: [0:0.085f,1:0.085f]
    -PersistenceRequired: 0b
    -HurtTime: 0s
    -Age: 0

    Code (Text):
                    NBTTileEntity tent = new NBTTileEntity(b.getState());
                    tent.setString("Lock", "test");

    More Infos:

    This API can't be used for:
    • Adding custom tags to TileEntities/Entities Not true anymore, check the NBTInjector examples above
    Git: Github
    Maven Repo: CodeMC
    Jenkins: Jenkins
    Discord server for help: Discord
    Feel free to create forks for your need! (Send me a message on Spigot the Discord server if you want stuff to be added/need help)
    Yes you are allowed to integrate the API into your plugin(remember to shade)! (Send me a link to your project so I can check it out ;))

    Projects using the API(That I know of)

    - Logistics-API

    If you like this Resource, donate me a Coffee or become a Patreon for cool perks! Donating


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