NBT API 2.7.1

Add custom NBT tags or modify tags of Items/Entities/Tiles without NMS!

  1. 2.6.1(0) - CurseForge re-Release

    I'm sorry for the issues that happened with the last try to redirect the release thanks to Spigotmc's Cloudflare setup.
    This is not a new version (well it is, but nothing changed, it's just to fix issues that happen thanks to Spigotmc's versioning setup), so there is no need to update to this!

    The main download of the NBT-API has moved over to CurseForge. This is done for the following reasons:

    - Spigotmc keeps having issues with DDoS/endless Cloudflare loading/exceptions on their end when trying to download/post something.

    - CurseForge check the uploaded jars for malicious content

    - They have a Reward Program where the developer gets a cut of the ad revenue, based on the project's popularity

    - Better overview of which release works on which versions

    - I'm currently also doing a lot of Fabric/Forge development, and it makes it simpler to have all downloads under the same roof.

    I'll also take this as an opportunity to improve the Github developer wiki since the project description here on Spigotmc has become too big and not understandable enough.

    To make it clear, no, the NBT-API won't leave Spigotmc, only the primary download will be over at CurseForge.

    In case you can't or don't want to download from there, you can still access the GitHub releases (https://github.com/tr7zw/Item-NBT-API/releases), Maven Repo (https://repo.codemc.io/#browse/browse:maven-public:de/tr7zw/item-nbt-api-plugin) or Jenkins (https://ci.codemc.io/job/Tr7zw/job/Item-NBT-API/).
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