NBT API 2.7.1

Add custom NBT tags or modify tags of Items/Entities/Tiles without NMS!

  1. 2.7.1 - Finally NBTBlock!

    First of all, I wish everyone a happy new year! Let this release be a gift for the new year: Thanks to a change made by md_5 spigot 1.16.4+ now supports NBTChunks and NBTBlocks! This means adding custom nbt to random blocks is now possible. Noteworthy: The NBTBlock just saves nbt to the block location, it won't clear this data on block break or interact at all with piston moves. You need to implement that yourself if you want this behavior!
    (Also for now curse forge will only show 2.7.0. That version is the same as 2.7.1 that will show up later there, 2.7.0 just had a pom issue that prevents developers from loading it via Maven/Gradle. So for devs: use 2.7.1 as dependency, for server owners: Use 2.7.0 or 2.7.1 as soon as it shows up, they are the same :).

    Now to the actuall changelog:
    Adds new features enabled by 1.16.4 and adds more usability features/fixes:
    • Add NBTChunk for 1.16.4+
    • Add NBTBlock helper for 1.16.4+
    • Add NBTPersistentDataContainer(Mostly for api internal use) for 1.14+
    • (Hopefully) created a better implementation for equals checks
    • Add getListType method
    • Add getOrCreateCompound for more clarity
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