NBT API 2.7.1

Add custom NBT tags or modify tags of Items/Entities/Tiles without NMS!

  1. 2.7.1 - Finally NBTBlock!

    First of all, I wish everyone a happy new year! Let this release be a gift for the new year: Thanks to a change made by md_5 spigot 1.16.4+ now supports NBTChunks and NBTBlocks! This means adding custom nbt to random blocks is now possible. Noteworthy: The NBTBlock just saves nbt to the block location, it won't clear this data on block break or interact at all with piston moves. You need to implement that yourself if you want this behavior!
    (Also for now curse forge will only show 2.7.0....
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  2. 2.6.1(0) - CurseForge re-Release

    I'm sorry for the issues that happened with the last try to redirect the release thanks to Spigotmc's Cloudflare setup.
    This is not a new version (well it is, but nothing changed, it's just to fix issues that happen thanks to Spigotmc's versioning setup), so there is no need to update to this!

    The main download of the NBT-API has moved over to CurseForge. This is done for the following reasons:

    - Spigotmc keeps having issues with DDoS/endless Cloudflare loading/exceptions on their end when...
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  3. 1.16.4 Update

    1.16.4 maintenance release:
    • 1.16.4 support
    • Setter for shaded versions of the API to replace the logger
  4. 1.16.2 update, added API and fixes

    A bigger update containing the following changes:
    • 1.16.2 support
    • Implement utility methods for merging NBT (By @SoSeDiK)
    • Improved TileEntity support in 1.16+
    • Full (as far as possible) 1.7.10 support
    • NBTInjector will now print a message instead of trying to load in invalid versions
    • Adding a "Direct Apply" mode where you don't have to use getItem after modifying
  5. 1.16.1 update

    A small release to add full support for 1.16.1(No API changes). Thanks to @LoneDev for the help!
  6. Bugfix update

    A quick bugfix update without API changes:
    • Added the api-version 1.13. Only >= 1.13 uses this so it doesn't use legacy materials, which broke newer materials in NBTItems. Fixes #74
    • The version check was doing an HTTP request in the main thread, which was fine for the plugin version since it happened during enable, but shaded versions might do that sometime later when players are online, causing a short lag.
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  7. Maintainance update before 1.16 releases

    Maintainance before 1.16 releases that fixes a few bugs here and there and adds some small new features.

    • Fixed the possibility that a broken test file causes the onEnable self-check to always fail
    • Added PersistendDataContainer API for Tiles and Entities. This replaces the NBT-Injector which won't get (maintained) support for 1.16. This API is usable for 1.14+, older versions have to use the NBT-Injector. You can use the 1.14/1.15 as transition period.
    • Added the...
  8. Update 2.2.0: Java11, Bugfixes and more

    Update to 2.2.0 to fix a few somewhat critical bugs, add awesome new features and also to wish a happy new year to everyone!
    • Fixed NBT-Injector for 1.15.*
    • Throws exception when the Injector is used without enabeling it first
    • Added Java 11+ support! (Reflections where broken)
    • ListCompounds now extend NBTCompounds, enabeling all compound methods for them!
      • Nesting Compound Lists is now possible!
    • ToString Method now uses asNBTString()
      • ...
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  9. Update 2.1.1: Minecraft 1.15

    Update to 2.1.1
    • Add missing Entity mappings for 1.14
    • 1.15 Update
  10. 2.1.0

    Update to 2.1.0:
    • Fixed 1.12/11 invisible mobs
    • Fixed an NBTInjector exception that could happen in 1.13.2
    • If reflections were unable to get their hook, an NPE was thrown because the logger wasn't yet initialized
    • The NBTInjector won't enable by default, enable it during onLoad if you want to use it
    • Prevent /reload when the NBTInjector is enabled to prevent corrupt server states
    !!! The NBTInjector is now disabled by default. You must enable it...
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