NCPBroadcaster [& Potentially More!] 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Broadcast messages from one server to all your admins!

  1. _Cory_
    (Still a work in progress unfortunately IIRC I can't append to this whilst in moderation).

    Broadcast your hack messages ( and potentially more ) to admins across your network.

    1. Drop the plugin into BungeeCord's plugin dir.
    2. Drop the plugin into your desired Spigot/Bukkit servers.
    3. Restart all the servers you installed it on.
    4. Edit the config found in BungeeCord's plugin dir to your desired settings.
    5. Configure external plugins. NCP is auto configuring, however no other plugins are, and will need to execute the command themselves.

    Commands & Permissions
    • /ncpbroadcast [ message ... ]
      • ncpbroadcaster.execute
      • Broadcasts the desired message to all admins.
      • Can be used with plugins.


    So here's the deal. We use UUID's from to get and broadcast a slightly personalised message about certain users. These users have earnt their place here however if you wish to disable this feature create the file ryred_co in the server root. The source for this is on github, named UUIDServlet, and UUIDCredits. This should not affect how the plugin works.
    Thank you so much. Ace.