NDLogger | death logger 16.5

Log Player's on death coordinates, IP and more other + Rollback Inventory and Low TPS Protection!

  1. Naofumi
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Naofumi Iwatani
    This plugin allows you to log player deaths and rollback his inventories.

    - [ ] GUI
    - [ ] Death List Command

    1. Download plugin.
    2. Move to plugins folder
    3. Restart/Start your server or if Plugman installed use
    Code (Text):
    /plugman load NDLogger

    1. Go to folder
    Code (Text):
    2. In this folder you can find
    Code (Text):
    3. Open and configure!
    Config File Here:

    Code (Text):

    ConfigVersion: 1
    EnableLagometr: false
    LogInventory: true
    LogArmor: true
    DCUNLOADER: true
    DCLOADER: false
    DateFormat: dd.MM.yy_HH.mm
    LagometrActivateTPS: 17.0
    EnableMetrics: true
    DEBUG: false

    Settings description:

    EnableLagometr - This setting enables or disables lag metering, and if tps is less than or equal to config value, players will not take damage, by default it is off (false) because it is beta, gives a lot of errors to the console.

    LogInventory - This setting enables or disables recording of players' inventories on death, enabled by default (true).

    LogArmor - This setting enables or disables recording of players' armor-inventories on death, enabled by default (true).

    - This setting enables or disables Death Chunk Unloader, if the player dies, the chunk in which he was will be unloaded (until someone loads it), enabled by default (true).

    - This setting enables or disables Death Chunk Loader, if the player dies, the chunk in which he was will be loaded (if you turn on this recomended enable FORCEDCLOADER), disabled by default (false).

    FORCEDCLOADER - This is force death chunk loader option.

    DateFormat - this setting sets the date format. See more in Some Other Info.

    LagometrActivateTPS -
    tps at which the lagometer is activated.

    EnableMetrics - enables or disables metrics.

    - This setting enables or disables debug-mode. Used for error reporting, enables stack traces and other info in the console.

    When player dies NDLogger automaticly creates player's folder in
    Code (Text):


    In this folder you can find
    Code (Text):
    This file contains some information about death.

    Also you can find
    Code (Text):
    This folder contains Player's Inventory and Armor.


    Easy. Just go to
    Code (Text):
    and open
    Code (Text):
    Now you can find out where the player died, his IP and a lot of other useful information!


    Just run command:
    Code (Text):
    /ndl r NickName/dd.MM.yy_HH.mm
    or use Blaze rod

    1. Take a blaze rod in your hand.
    2. Run this command (if you have essentialsX, or use anvil):
    Code (Text):
    /itemrename PlayerName/dd.MM.yy_HH.mm


    3. Click with a blaze rod using the right mouse button on any block.
    4. Inventory rolled back.


    The time zone matches the server location!

    (For example my Minecraft server in Russia - that means time zone is GMT+3)

    * Replace <PlayerName> with your including < >. For example:

    * PlayerName - case sensitive

    * Date Format:

    dd - day
    MM - month
    yy - year (for example - 2020 = 20)
    - hour
    mm - minute


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  1. SGE074
    Version: 15.8
    Good job! Working excellently. My players often lie to me that they died due to lags, and then ask me to return the inventory and lie that they had certain things, but this plugin will quickly make them forget about lies.