NearByPlayerInfo 0.1

Do things with you next Player

    RainyCrafter, JustontheWay

    Have you everytime searche for a plugin whats tell you where the next Player to you is and whats is in his inventory or you can do Things with him like ban, kick , op, deop or let him perform a command with a smart AnvilGUI

    Than thats is the Right plugin for you It's will give you with the command /NBPI give the item with that you can do all the Things :D


    /NBPI help | tell you the help with all commands
    /NBPI give | give you the compass
    /NBPI give <Playername> | give him the compass
    /NBPI developer | a shot info about GROUPDEV


    NBPI.command | permission for all Commands


Recent Updates

  1. only bugfix