Needtown 2.7

A plugin that allow users to broadcast a message if they need a town

  1. jacklin213
    For any information that is not found on this page please checkout the project page HERE
    Tired of listening to players on your server constantly asking for a town? This plugin is a super simple fix! It's also VERY light weight! All you need to do is simply type /needtown and it will broadcast a message to the server.Simple config setup!

    It is recommended to have the towny plugin or a plugin that uses towns, otherwise this would be useless! :p

    • A /needtown command to broadcast a configurable message to everyone on the server
    • Towny integration so that only users that don't have a town can use the command
    • A users file that stores all the users that have used the command
    • Configurable cooldown for the command so it can't be spammed
    • Auto save-period for the users.yml file
    • /needtown or /nt - The main Function of the plugin, Broadcasts the NeedTown message (Player only)
    • /needtown reload - Reloads the config (Player only)
    • /needtown users - Displays users that used the needtown command (Player only)
    • /needtownr or /ntr - Reloads the config (Console command)
    • needtown.* - Allows use of all NeedTown commands
    • needtown.use - Allows the use of /NeedTown
    • needtown.users - Allows the use of /needtown users
    • needtown.reload - Allows the reload of the Config file