NeedTown2 [1.8 Spigot] 2.5

Advertisement for those who don't have a town

  1. bshayhoe
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    NeedTown2 - A plugin by bshayhoe

    Ever needed to have a plugin for your Towny server that advertises players who do not have a town?

    If the answer is yes, this plugin is for you. NeedTown2 is a free plugin which requires so few resources it can be run almost anywhere.

    Commands & Permissions:

    /townplease - Advertises the player as needing a town
    Permission: needtown2.townplease

    /nationplease - Advertises the town as needing a nation
    Permission: needtown2.nationplease

    /townad - Advertises a town
    Permission: needtown2.townad

    /nationad - Advertises a Nation
    Permission: needtown2.nationad

    No commands can be run from the console!!

    To do:
    Add permissions - Completed
    Re-implement /townad and /nationad - Completed

    I am currently taking request for features! Suggest features in the discussion!

Recent Updates

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