Neer's Hub Tools 0.3

All your hub needs in one fun, lightweight plugin with fully configurable features!

  1. neer

    PROJECT ABANDONED (for now...)

    Neer's Hub Tools allows server owners using BungeeCord to easily manage navigation between servers without installing heaps of other plugins. It is lightweight and fully configurable.

    == Features ==:
    • Easily configurable and customizable server navigator GUI for redirection between servers on BungeeCord . Similar to ChestCommands (enter server as command).
    • Toggle hide players with a click of a button.
    • Need cool donator perks? Cosmetic items such as particle trails are built into the plugin, each with unique permission nodes.
    • A scoreboard which displays players online, news and website. Configurable.
    • Configurable broadcast messages
    • Double jump.
    • Speed up.
    • Set the hub spawn.
    • Every feature can be enabled and disabled.
    • And more
    == Other==:
    • Commands and permissions
    • Configuration help
    • Send me a message via spigot if you have any custom requests. I'm always happy to accommodate for particular needs.
    • Leave a comment if you need any help or have any suggestions!

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Recent Reviews

  1. mech
    Version: 0.3
    awesome plugin I am definitely using this for my server. I just have one question... what is I wanted to change the speed to a different effect?
  2. jonathan15639
    Version: 0.3
    Good plugin, but the config i'm getting and the one on config help are completely different, and I can't customise the scoreboard like it says

    this is my current config
    # To initiate changes in config, reload (/rl) server
    # Include colors in HubName if you wish
    # You may enter up to 3 messages to be broadcast.
    # If you only wish to broadcast1, leave 2 and 3 as "false"
    # Broadcasts can take colors, use & and wrap with ' ' (same with # prefix)
    # toggleitem and itemtype take item ID's (integers)
    # itemslots start at 0 (left) and end at 8 (right)
    # -----Refer to the bukkit plugin page for help------
    Invisibility: {}
    items: {}
    Trails: {}
    Speed: {}
    Announcer: {}
    Doublejump: {}
    world: world
    x: 40.574920835077215
    y: 30.0
    z: -20.632478775169684
    pitch: 9.495534
    yaw: -179.8048
  3. Kelsey
    Version: 0.3
    Great! But could use a few features!
    1. Disable welcome message
    2. Choose where the items in the hotbar go
    3. Better customization
  4. YosheeHarper
    Version: 0.3
    Seems to work great, but I can't seem to get the server selector working. tried all kinds of configurations, : (space) server SpaceBlock, :(nospace)server SpaceBlock : SpaceBlock : /server SpaceBlock : /SpaceBlock. Never could get it to work. just gives the default error, "unknown command: type /help" Any ideas?
    1. neer
      Author's Response
      Do you mean the config space where you enter your command (eg item1cmd)? If so, use whichever command you would normally use in game (eg if you use /server skyblock, enter into config: 'server skyblock' (do NOT inlude / and if the command has more than 1 argument (ie server and skyblock) wrap the text in ' '. Hope I helped and let me know how it goes.
  5. Paul_OMG
    Version: 0.3
    Best Plugin ever!! you did exactly what all people wants!! has scoreboard which is very important!! and can hide players, double jump, particles and speed!!, I recommend you put rideable players:, HATS plugin, TITLE on join, in the middle of the screen, FIREWORKS on join with permission to can put only vips, and one bug that I notice or maybe it isn't, the void fall, when you fall it doesn't take you back to the hub and doesn't die, just falling for ever, please ADD THE VOID FALL first than nothing if you can, the another things that I told are just to make better the plugin ;), this is the best plugin I have seen ;D and I never have make a review before, keep up the good job :), PLEASE GUYS DOWNLOAD THIS, IT'S THE BEST PLUGIN YOU WILL FIND