NegativityAddon 1.3

An Addon for Negativity AntiCheat

  1. Bugs fixes, special ForceField check, EggBreaker check

    Negativity Addon v1.3
    - Added EggBreaker Check
    - Added special ForceField Check (hitting through blocks)
    - Fixed false flags (with jump boost and speed potion,with boats,jumping under trapdoors,jumping on slime blocks,jumping on anvils)
    - Fixed Server Crash

    GitHub Page for reporting bugs/bypasses or posting ideas :
  2. Bug/Bypass fixes, new config

    Negativity Addon v1.2
    - Fixed bugs/bypasses for Speed and Fly
    - Added Hover Proof
    - New config.yml
    - Added Fly Check
    - Recoded addon base : - Easier to work on Addon for me
    - Better optimazition

    GitHub Page for reporting bugs/bypasses or posting ideas :
  3. False flags fixes, new speed check.

    Negativity Addon v1.1
    - New Speed Check
    - Fixed a lot false flags (with boat,minecart,when player gets damage by skeleton(by coolpvpv), creeper, etc., in water, in lava)
    - Max Ping is now normal kick
  4. Removed "viruses"

    Same version but without "viruses" (obfuscation)