NeosInventoryCleaner [1.8.3] 1.4

A simple plugin to clean your or another players inventory.

  1. NeosCraft

    How to Install:
    Just paste the NeosInventoryCleaner.jar in your /plugins folder
    and restart your Server. The server should have created a folder called /NeosInventoryCleaner
    If you have any errors, dont be shy and message us :)




    Here you can make your custom messages!


    /ic = Cleans your own Inventory.
    /icp [PLAYERNAME] = Cleans another Players Inventory.


    - inventorycleaner.neos = Allows to use the command /ic
    - inventorycleaner.neos.player = Allows to use the command /icp

    Upcoming features:

    - Make custom messages if you clean an inventory!

    About us:

    Im the Developer of an German Server and i decided by myself
    to create plugins for our Servermod CraftBukkit.

    More Plugins will come soon!

    Visit our German MineCraftServer!
    Visit for more Informations!