nerdTools 1.5 - simple tools plugin 1.5

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  1. nerdian
    Hi, this is my second plugin. I'm beginner at java and bukkit.
    I know that the code does not fascinate, but it works good.
    There is a few commands... you must it know.

    - /gm <1/0> - Change gamemode. (only survival or creative mode),
    - /fly <on/off> - Allows to fly,
    - /t <day/night> - Change time,
    - /v <on/off> - Allows to be visible/invisible (sometimes not works, i don't know why ;c)
    And permissions:

    /gm <1/0> -
    /fly <on/off> -
    /t <day/night> -
    /v <on/off> -

    Plugin is not compatibile with Essentials.
    Thanks to: Zbucki for big support:
    ,,ej mieliscie przeciez wgrac nerdtoolsy na xfasta!
    [2015-04-26 18:52:42] Dawideg: ...
    [2015-04-26 18:52:56] Dawideg: This is gowno xd''

    and others users from MPCForum.
    Jak bym miał do wyboru te toolsy albo skrypty, wybrałbym skrypty.

    Widać ,że kamilkime oglądałeś chu*owe te toolsy ,że japierdole. 1/10.
    ,,Boze kolejne gowno na mpc. 6 komend? 1 klasa nie sadze by ktos uzyl.. ~MaxTheF''.

    you can do all with this plugin, if you want. But you can't sell this plugin!


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