NESS Anti-Cheat [DEPRECATED] 3.5.6

This resource will no longer be updated.

  1. mcMMO Tree Feller Compatible | Small Fixes

    Changelog 3.5.6 (8/30/18)
    • Fixed false flag with anvils
    • Fixed false flag with lilypads
    • Fixed false flag with flying and scaffold
    • Fixed an issue that caused Anvils to kick you for packets
    • Made mcMMO's Tree Feller ability compatible
  2. False Flags | Error Logs Fixed

    Changelog (3.5.5) 8/2/2018
    • Fixed false flags with carpets
    • Fixed false flags when players join
    • Fixed false flags with cacti
    • Fixed AutoAnnouncer causing errors
    • Fixed multiple errors with comparators/repeaters
    • Fixed false flags with anvils
    • Fixed false flags with fences
    • Fixed false flags with criticals
  3. SkinBlinker | AntiKB | Better Spider | Much more!

    Changelog (8/25/2018) v3.5.4
    • Made Timer check better, fixed false flag with ice/dying/minecarts/horses
    • Fixed NESS not being able to create a directory
    • Merged FastLadder with Spider, spider check is much more reliable
    • Added SkinBlinker check (requires ProtocolLib)
    • Added AntiKB check
    • Added AutoWalk check (completely useless but /shrug)
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  4. BETTER LOGS, SQL Removed, NoSlowDown, and much more!

    Changelog v3.5.3 8/23/18 (DD/MM/YYYY)
    • Fixed false flag with step involving boats
    • Added another scaffold check
    • BETTER LOGS! (Toggleable via config)
    • Added NoSlowDown check (checks for Sword and Bow)
    • Swapped Metrics system
    • Timer check is now much more reliable
    • Fixed false fastsneak check
    • Added a FastEat check
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  5. Major Improvements!

    Changelog v3.5.2 8/22/18 (DD/MM/YYYY)
    • Fixed false flag with reach while in GMC
    • Fixed false flight flag that got triggered by constantly toggling flight
    • Added a criticals check
    • Fixed a false fast ladder flag
    • Fixed false bhop/misc check caused by spider webs
    • Improved a fastsneak check
    • Added a ghost hand check
    • Added a better Scaffold Check
  6. Fixed ProtocolLib error

  7. Fixed issue with ProtocolLib screwing up the loading process

    fixed issue, hopefully should work now
  8. Actually updated

  9. Fixed command error on enable

    Changelog v3.5.1 6/10/18 (DD/MM/YYYY)
    • Fixed an issue onEnable that prevented the plugin from starting correctly
  10. Slight fixes

    Changelog 3.5.1 (6/10/18 DD/MM/YYYY)
    • Fixed false regen flag with instant health
    • Fixed an error log when an entity gets kit