NESS Anti-Cheat 3.5.1

An amazing anti-cheat for your server!

  1. MSWS
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Ness Anti-Cheat

    Introducing one of the most reliable and accurate anti-cheats ever! This anti-cheat has been in development for well over a year, and is still in beta! While it may just seem like another anti-cheat, this one is unique in the fact that its alerts are straightforward and not confusing. It is extremely configurable to your own liking, and allows you to customize your own commands when someone gets banned! It offers amazing cheat detections for free!
    NOTE: Some checks require ProtocolLib to work! I highly recommend using ProtocolLib on your server if you want NESS to be able to function at its full capacity!

    Additionally, while NESS can work on 1.9+ servers, it is not compatible, meaning that you will false flag for 1.9+ features (Elytra, levitation, etc).

    The Hacks that this plugin detects:
    • AntiFire (1 Check)
    • AutoSneak (1 Check)
    • AutoSteal (1 Check)
    • Blink (1 Check)
    • BunnyHop (2 Checks)
    • FastBow (1 Check)
    • FastLadder (1 Check)
    • FastSneak (1 Check)
    • Flight (5+ Checks)
    • Glide (2 Checks)
    • High CPS (1 Check)
    • Jesus (1 Check)
    • Kill Aura (5+ Checks)
    • Liquids (2 Checks)
    • NoClip (2 Checks)
    • NoFall (1 Check)
    • NoSwing (2 Checks)
    • NoWeb (1 Check)
    • Phase (1 Check)
    • Reach (1 Check)
    • Regen (1 Check)
    • Scaffold (2 Checks)
    • Speed (5+ Checks)
    • Spider (1 Check)
    • Step (1 Check)
    • Timer (1 Check)
    • Tp Aura (All movement checks)
    • Completely configurable messages
    • Commands to run when someone is banned
    • Disabling of certain checks you don't want
    • Easily enable/disable teleporting back
    • Easily change the prefix of the plugin!
    • Customizable ban messages
    • Color-Based severity system! No Numbers!
    • Will Automatically check for updates!
    You could also configure it to be like
    NESS.bypass.[check] > Will allow you to bypass a certain check EG: NESS.bypass.killaura or NESS.bypass.flight

    NESS.command.[command] > Will allow you to use a certain command

    NESS.notify.hacks > Will notify the user if NESS detects someone
    NESS.notify.developer > (If Developer is enabled) will send developer messages to the user
    NESS.notify.queue > Will notify the user if someone is added to the banwave queue

    /ness toggle [feature] > Toggles certain features such as whether the plugin is enabled, development mode, if lag back is enabled, etc.

    /ness ban [username] [reason] > Will ban an online player for [reason]

    /ness banwave > Will start the banwave instantly instead of waiting for it

    /ness time > Will tell you how long it is until the banwave

    /ness clear > Will clear a player's violations. (You can do things such as /ness clear All All or /ness clear All Flight)

    /ness unban [player] > Will unban a player and allow them back onto the server

    Unfortunately, currently there are no videos showcasing NESS.

    This anti-cheat features a developer mode! With this enabled, if someone gets detected by any check, you will see a chat message with their username, a number assigned to whatever check it was, and what the type of check such as (Flying, Kill Aura, etc). With this mode, you can test the plugin out and report any false flags or bugs to me!

    Format: "Dev> (username) (hack id) (hack type) [class]"
    Code (Default Config):

    #How often the banwaves are (seconds)
      BanWaves: 60
    #How much VL is required to be registered for a banwave
      VLForBanwave: 150
    #How much VL is required to be instantly banned
      VLForInstaban: 400
    #Probability that the player will be lagged back
      LagPossibility: 50
    #Minimum VL required to notify staff
      MinimumVL: 20
    #Whether or not developer mode is enabled
    #In Developer mode players won't be banned, checks are shown to NESS.notify.developer
      DeveloperMode: false
    #Whether to lag-back the player I DON'T RECOMMEND DOING THIS
      Cancel: false
    #Basically if NESS is enabled at all
      Global: true
    #Will NESS alert staff members in the server or all servers?
      ServerOnly: false
    #Are manual bans enabled?
      ManualBan: true
    #Should NESS handle bans? (Disable if you want to use CommandsOnBan to /ban the player)
      HandleBans: true
    #Should NESS delete any/all items that have enchantment levels > 100
      AllowEnchants: false
    #Should NESS automatically check for new updates? (I suggest keeping this enabled)
    CheckForUpdates: true
    Prefix: '&4NESS>&7'
    #The different levels of severity, more levels = more alerts
      - '&a'
      - '&6'
      - '&c'
    #Placeholders: %duration% %player% %hack% %token%
      - '&c&l[NESS Anti-Cheat]'
      - '&rYou have been banned from this server for %duration%'
      - 'Token ID: %token%'
      - 'say %player% was banned for %hack%!'
      - 'say %player% was banwaved for %hack%!'
      WarnHacks: '%prefix% &e%player% &7suspected of %vlCol%%hack%&7.'
      IsQueued: '%prefix% &e%player% &7is now queued for a banwave.'
      NoPermission: '%prefix% You do not have permission to do that.'
      WasBanned: '%prefix% &e%player% &7was banned by &4NESS&7.'
    #Disable certain checks via number (use Dev mode to see), you can also do 'Flight', 'Kill Aura' (etc)
      - '0'
      - 'exampleHack'
      - 'exampleWorld'
    Found a bug? Please report it here for help or PM me via Spigot. You can also contact me via email ([email protected]) or Discord (MSWS#9499).

Recent Reviews

  1. Whit3Reed_
    Version: 3.5.1
    It's good, but i can't make commands... Pls fix it as soon as possible! And i give to u 5 stars.
  2. Kaczuc
    Version: 3.5.1
    the plugin is very good but I have one program that does not work for me any command
  3. DeathWeCrave
    Version: 3.5.1
    Error on NESS,java line:62 (getCommand("ceye").setExecutor(new NESSCommand());) Fix and I will update review.
  4. Risk_man07
    Version: 3.5.1
    Nice :D, Thank you. Its a Nice AntiCheat. ! a
  5. VanillaTwilight
    Version: 3.5.1
    Excellent, customizable plugin and an even greater developer. I pointed out an issue, he responded incredibly quickly and a fix was pushed not even a few hours after. Happy to have found a great anti-cheat.
  6. x666
    Version: 3.5
    cool plugin however ..... people can use killaura no problem!! ................
    1. MSWS
      Author's Response
      Please make sure you have ProtocolLib enabled.
  7. iNickson
    Version: 3.5
    Great plugin! very nice and easy config. I suggest this plugin to all of my friends on spigot mc.
  8. heine789
    Version: 3.5
    Can you rather wait until you push out updates? Because you don't need to update the resource EVERYTIME you have an update. It's very annoying
    1. MSWS
      Author's Response
      Sorry for updating frequently?
  9. RealCode
    Version: 3.3.6
    I can not build although I'm sneaking all the time! Too bad that unfortunately you can't use the plugin :(
    1. MSWS
      Author's Response
      NESS doesn't prevent block placement.
  10. Risk_man07
    Version: 3.3.6
    Very Good, Anticheat! Can you add please a better killauara detection and an Inventory Move Check?