Nether View 3.0.0

see-through portals

  1. MightyOne
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    [​IMG]Nether View

    Nether View makes it possible to see the nether through nether portals. Before actually travelling to the under world you will already be able to have a brief look at what is expecting you on the other side of the portal:

    Portals in any (vanilla) size can show their destinations, as long as their linked portal has the same size and both frames are completely built out of obsidian – also the four corners:


    New in V3.0
    New multiverse-like portals that have the viewing effect!​

    Playing with Optifine can make the portal animations much smoother, so I can only recommend using it!


    Portal animations only work in 1st person view. The 3rd person mode (when pressing F5) is client side and cannot be detected with plugins.​


    Drop the jar in your plugins folder and reload your server. If you want NetherView to work only in certain worlds - or your worlds have custom names - open the config file and edit the world list (see below) and then run /netherview reload.

    Now every time you create a new portal step into it once so the plugin can load the information about the destination of the portal. When stepping out of the portal again the view will be loaded.

    If you run into problems or something that seems to be a bug try to out /netherview debugmessages true.

    This will enable debug messages ingame that may help you understand why the plugin is not doing what you expected. They can also be useful for me to identify and fix a bug.


    Code (YAML):
    #the range around a portal up to which you see a portal animation
    : 16
    #the distance in blocks up to which the world inside a portal will be visible
    : 4
    #limit for how tall or wide animated portals can become (bigger portals may cause more lag)
    : 5
    #hides entities from your world behind your portal
    : true
    #makes entities from the other world visible in your portals (only works if above is also set to true)
    : true
    #ticks between entity movevent packets sent to the player (default: 3, really smooth movements: 1)
    : 3

    #enables warning messages for players when two portals could not be linked
    : true
    #enables debug messages for the console that give more detailed information about events and errors
    : false

    #settings related to projections of nether portals

        #spigot flips the player around when using a nether portal. set this to false if you use another fork of spigot
    : true
        #hide the purple portal layer when looking at a portal view
    : true
        #cancel the portal teleport when two portals are being linked for the first time (for players in survival mode)
    : true
        #cancel the portal teleport when two portals are being linked for the first time (for players in survival mode)
    : true
        #worlds where portal viewing is enabled. enter "*" (with the quotes) if you want to enable it in all worlds
           - world
            - world_nether
        #worlds where portal viewing is disabled. this list has a higher priority than whitelisted-worlds
           - null

       #worlds where custom portals can be created and used. enter "*" (with the quotes) if you want to enable it in all worlds
           - "*"
        #worlds where custom portals are disabled. this list has a higher priority than whitelisted-worlds
           - null

    #the different blocks that create the border of a portal view for each world type
    : white_terracotta
    : red_concrete
    : black_concrete
    Here is a short example on how to you could get some infos from Nether View with your plugin using the compiled jar as library:
    Code (Java):
    import me.gorgeousone.netherview.NetherViewPlugin;
    import me.gorgeousone.netherview.portal.Portal;

    NetherViewPlugin netherView = (NetherViewPlugin) Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("NetherView");

    Portal closestPortal = netherView.getPortalHandler().getClosestPortal(player.getLocation(), true);
    Set<Portal> overWorldPortals = netherView.getPortalHandler().getPortals(overworld);

    boolean canSeePortals = netherView.getViewHandler().hasPortalViewEnabled(player);
    boolean isViewingAPortal = netherView.getViewHandler().hasViewSession(player);
    Portal viewedPortal = netherView.getViewHandler().getViewSession(player).getViewedPortal();

    • /nv reload – reloads the config data
    • /nv listportals <world> – prints a list with all portals from one world into chat
    • /nv portalinfo – gives you more detailed information about then closest portal to you
    • /nv debugmessages <true/false> – enables or disables debugging messages
    • /nv warningmessages <true/false> – enables or disables warning messages when two portals could not be linked
    • /nv flipportal – flips the two viewable sides of the nether portal you are looking at
    • /toggleportalview – toggles portal viewing on and off for you individually
    • /nv wand – gives you a wand for selecting areas for portals
    • /nv createportal <portal name> – creates a custom portal from the area selected with a portal wand
    • /nv link <from portal> <to portal> – links a custom portal to another custom portal so it will teleport and project to there
    • /nv unlink <portal> – removes the link from this portal to another portal
    • /nv deleteportal – removes a custom portal

    • netherview.viewportals – permission to look at other worlds through portals and use the /toggleportalview command
    • netherview.linkportals – permission to link portals so they create projections
    • netherview.config – permission for config related commands such as the reload command or toggeling messages
    • – permission for the commands to get information about portals
    • netherview.flipportal – permission for the flip command
    • netherview.wand – permission to use the wand command to receive portal wand
    • netherview.customportals – permission to create custom Portland with a portal wand and use all related commands

    ProtocolLib - If you are running 1.16, use the latest dev build

    Next Goals
    • make entities visible in portals ✓
    • adding custom portals that can be viewed ✓
    • adding more animations to the entity viewing feature

    If you like the plugin make sure to leave a review! :D
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    I won't test it but is amazing as far I see in the overview e.e
    Congrats to the dev :b
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    Version: 3.0.0
    I mean it's cool....but it doesn't work properly for 1.16.5. I can see through it but it's not what's their it's like a stripped down version of what you see...kinda trippy....but I'm uninstalling till it's updated
  3. MC_yk
    Version: 3.0.0
    I like this plugin very much! But I encountered some small problems. When I use this plugin in the 1.16.2 version of spigot, players stand outside the door and destroy the block inside the door, which will cause players to be sent back to the lobby
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    Version: 3.0.0
    cant see through nether and portal block not hide :< pls help iam using 1.12.2 paper
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    Wow this is really cool. It works excellent on 1.16.4. Super customizable. No tps lag at all. Good job!
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    Version: 3.0.0
    Server is lagging so much when i'm using this plugin... Tried atleast 3 versions and still didn't get fixed, tps are dropping with 5 players, posted timings multiple times on Discord ti into Discussion but issue wasn't solved. Have to remove plugin, cause my players were mad of these tps drops, normally it's 20 with 30 players and with Nether view it was sometimes 16 with 5 players. As you can see in discussion, it was the most difficult plugin to server.
  7. dmblc
    Version: 3.0.0
    An incredibly cool plugin which makes portals more immersive. I've seen Forge/Fabric mods like this, never thought it would be possible on Spigot. Only complaint is that portal corners need to be obsidian, which seems a bit arbitrary.
  8. HalilEmreK
    Version: 3.0.0
    PLS UPDATE 1.16.3 80 CHARACTERS--------------------------------------------------
    1. MightyOne
      Author's Response
      It’s running on 1.16.3 for me. What’s the issue?
  9. Rechtvh
    Version: 3.0.0
    This is a great plugin, super professional, actually worth it if it was even a paid plugin, lol, ignore that last comment else we will have to pay for updates. Keep the excellent work up.

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    Great plugin! Suggested for survival servers. Works as expected. Keep on the good job!