Nether View 2.0.1

see-through portals

  1. 2.0.1 added language config

    Nether View will now create a language.yml file in it's resource folder. All messages to players will be stored in there and can be edited.

    The file supports color codes like &a(green), for a list of all color codes you can see this list.
    Words with percent signs around them like e.g. %world% are placeholders and should not be translated.
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  2. 2.0.0 view players an mobs through portals!

    - flipping portals by default config option
    - portal size limit config option
    - entities are made visible in portal views

    Hey everyone,
    it's been a long... 12 days since I posted an update :p

    The first big change is that entities like players or mobs will now be displayed in portal views!
    You can see it in this video (also posted on the plugin page) :

    So far not all animations like sneaking or arm movements are visible but thats on the way for sure!
  3. 1.6.0 hiding entities in portal view

    Entities from your world can now be hidden if they are standing behind a portal and should not be visible when a portal view is active!

    looks like the gif is slightly too big:unsure:. If you want to see it anyway:

    I'd like to ask you to be fair if this doens't work perfectly for every entity and from every fancy angle because this feature is based on bounding boxes and you know......
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  4. 1.5.1 added support for 1.16.2

    The can now run on spigot 1.16.2!

    If your server uses this version you will need to install ProtocolLib 4.6.0. At the moment this is still a snapshot which can be downloaded here.
  5. 1.5.0 new toggle-portal-view command

    @l3st4tPlugins requested a command that toggles portal viewing for each player indiviually.
    I mean perhaps everyone wants to decide on their own if they want their FPS reduced to atoms next to a nether portal. So I thought this was a justified objection :D

    With /toggleportalview you can now toggle yourself whether want to see through portals or not.
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  6. 1.4.0 new flip command

    - new command to flip around the the view of nether portals
    - new config option to disable ingame warnings

    Hey everyone!
    This update has some new features suggested by other people:

    @PREFIXS asked for an option to disable the warnings when two portals could not be linked, which was a really good idea.
    So there is a new entry in the config waning-messages: true which can be set to false to turn off messages sent to players. You can also use the ingame...
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  7. 1.3.2 improved ingame messages, bug fixes

    I tried to improve the messages of the plugin to players because it seemed to be unclear to many what was wrong when e.g. the obsidian corners on a portal were missing.

    Also the bug is fixed that casued an error message when reloading the NetherView.
    I am sorry for anyone who had trouble due to this bug.

    - MightyOne
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  8. 1.3.1 minor fixes

    - fixed flipped portal projections
    - changed projection view distance behaviour

    @LoneDev reported that portals sometimes displayed the opposite side of the nether than they were supposed to. At least for 1.15 and up I could fix this by turning around the player in the right direction :p

    @mfnalex mentioned that the view distance becomes very limited for big portals, so I adjusted that a bit. Here is how it works now:

    In this example the view distance...
  9. instant teleportion 1.3.0

    - added option for instant teleports with nether portals
    - fixed explosions in portal views

    I was told it is confusing to walk through a portal and landing behind it instead of being in the nether. So I added the option instant-teleport: true to the config that enables teleporting to the nether right on touching the portal.

    In addition fixed the small bug that e.g. TNT could blow away the animated blocks displayed to a player.
  10. better math - less lag

    I don't want to annoy you all with too frequent updates but I think this one makes quiet a big difference in performance:

    I managed to improve some calculations for portal viewing. With the tests I ran the new methods are about 70% to 90% faster, which is quiet good I think xD

    As always I hope you are having fun with NethView and maybe this plugin can slowly be considered more server friendly and carefree to use.

    - MightOne

    Edit: had to remove a debug message
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