NetherOnly 1.2

Beat minecraft without leaving the nether

  1. WhiteWalker72
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16

    This plugin allows you to beat the game without ever leaving the nether. WorldEdit is used to spawn 3 strongholds at random locations. Find a stronghold, complete the end portal and beat the game!

    All credits for this idea go to Dream, checkout his Youtube channel at

    Note: generating the strongholds can take some time and make your server a bit laggy. Do not stop your server when the strongholds are being generated.

    - 3 strongholds will be generated in your nether world.
    - You will be able to fight the Ender Dragon once you go through the end portal.
    - You can give yourself tools, food and a water bucket to make the challenge a little bit easier.
    - You can allow players to use water buckets and ice in the nether.
    - You can allow the plugin to return your eye of ender to your inventory so it won't burn in lava.

    Commands & Permissions
    /netheronlyreload - this will import any config changes.

    This will allow you to use the /netheronlyreload command.

    This plugin requires WorldEdit version 7.2.0 or higher. You can download it at FAWE can be used instead of WorldEdit for better performance, download it at:

    This plugin also requires Java 11 or higher.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I get stone tools?
    You will have to mine blackstone.

    How do I get food to survive?
    You can kill Hoglins to get Porkchop, find food in dungeons or craft mushroom stew.

    How do I set a respawnpoint?
    You can use the respawn anchor.

    How do I get enderpearls?
    Barter with piglins or go to a warped forest to kill endermans.

    # If true the player will be able to go to the overworld by making a portal after killing the enderdragon.
    # If false the player won't have to kill the enderdragon before unlocking the overworld.
    overworldAfterCompletion: true

    # The player won't be able to go to the overworld at all. This will overwrite overworldAfterCompletion.
    disableOverworld: false

    # Name of the nether world to use, the server creates world_nether by default
    netherWorldName: world_nether

    # Amount of strongholds to spawn, 3 is recommended. Can't be lower than 1 or higher than 50
    # Use FAWE instead of WorldEdit if you want to generate many strongholds
    strongholdAmount: 3

    # The minimum range in blocks of which the strongholds will spawn from 0,0
    # Has to be lower than strongholdsMaxRange and can't be less than 500
    strongholdsMinRange: 1408

    # The maximum range in blocks of which the strongholds will spawn from 0,0
    # Has to be higher than strongholdsMinRange and can't be more than 1 million
    strongholdsMaxRange: 2688

    # The minimum amount of blocks between strongholds
    # Can't be less than 1
    spaceBetweenStrongholds: 600

    # Players can use water buckets in the nether
    allowWaterBucket: false

    # Breaking ice will create water in the nether
    allowIceWater: false

    # You will get wooden tools when you respawn
    spawnWithWoodenTools: false

    # You will get stone tools when you respawn
    spawnWithStoneTools: false

    # You will get iron tools when you respawn
    spawnWithIronTools: false

    # You will spawn with 8 bread when you respawn
    spawnWithBread: false

    # You will spawn with a water bucket when you respawn
    spawnWithWaterBucket: false

    # After throwing the eye of ender, the eye will return to your inventory
    returnEyeOfEnder: false

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Recent Updates

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    Version: 1.0
    This is a really fun and challenging way to play Minecraft. This definitely put to the test my Minecraft knowledge. Great work!