NetStats 0.2.2

A network Map for your BungeeCord

  1. geNAZt
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    NetStats provides you a Google Map with the Players connected to the BungeeCord on it. I tries to lookup the Location of the Player and prints it onto the Map.

    What you need for it:
    • Google Maps API Key
    • BungeeLib 1.6.1+
    • Yamler 1.3.0+

    How to get it run:
    • Put the NetStats.jar into the BungeeCord plugins Directory
    • Start BungeeCord up and wait till it has downloaded the GeoIP Database
    • Paste your Google Maps API Key into the Config
    • Restart BungeeCord

    How to access the Map:
    • In the normal Configuration you go to the IP of BungeeCord with port 8083. (In a browser ofc)
    • You should see a Google Map with the Players on it
    • The Map itself is NOT secured

    Thats how it looks like:
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Recent Reviews

  1. MineTronik
    Version: 0.2.2
    Good idea, but NetStats can't init GeoIP Lookup...
  2. Samistine
    Version: 0.2.2
    Amazing, also still works without a google api
  3. Verringer
    Version: 0.2.2
    Absolutely amazing.

    I really hope you can manage to get it more accurate (locations), at the moment all of England is London, but it's still cool as hell!
    1. geNAZt
      Author's Response
      Well i can not to anything against that. I fully rely on the GeoIP Databases which are only that accurate
  4. henrikil
    Version: 0.1.1

    would be cool if there was a way to hide or show all the bubbles.

    btw it does not need an Google Maps API key:)
    1. geNAZt
      Author's Response
      If you get over a specific Amount of Request you must :)
  5. Deimos
    Version: 0.1.0
    This is a great little add-on to any server.
    I did have a little trouble to get it working at first but geNAZt is super helpful and my issues were resolved.