NetworkInterceptor 1.0

Bukkit plugin to monitor and optionally block outgoing network requests

  1. Luck
    Bukkit plugin to monitor and optionally block outgoing network requests​

    I have a issue with:
    • plugins which automatically update themselves
    • plugins which constantly nag you to update to the latest version
    • plugins which download and execute arbitrary code at runtime from unknown or untrustworthy sources
    • plugins which report personal and identifiable information to metrics services without asking users or letting them opt-out
    NetworkInterceptor installs a custom security manager into the Java runtime environment which logs (and optionally blocks/prevents) outgoing network connections.

    It lets server admins easily monitor the nature of connections made by plugins, and if they want to, prevent them from occurring.

    Most things are configurable in the config.yml file (generated on first use)

    The default configuration will log connection attempts to the console, but does not block anything.

    You can either define a whitelist or a blacklist for (dis)allowed hosts.

    Can it be bypassed?

    A plugin with malicious intent could (most likely) find a way to bypass it, yes. I'd like to think that sort of thing wouldn't happen in this community - but you never know.

    More detailed analysis
    For more detailed analysis of network traffic, I recommend trying Wireshark.

Recent Reviews

  1. Govindas
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin, helped me to get some auto-updating plugins to stop doing their thing, just one thing I would like is reload command, it took me a few hours to get my whitelist set-up correctly due to needing to restart server every time.
  2. cwyfl
    Version: 1.0
    Luck is a great programmer ! you did a nice job , hope you can keep goin , five start :) hope can support more methods. Thanks!
  3. mrfloris
    Version: 1.0
    Dear diary, today I had the great option to leave a positive review for a plugin that with one swoop replaced a few internal tiny and incomplete plugins we once wrote ourselves. To help fight hidden call homes and metric checks (even when it's turned off in the config, etc) to help us run our server a lot smoother. But I needed 100+ characters to achieve that review. So here goes: Thank you for making this, it's quite fantastic, works out of the box and dumping logs with stack traces to the file system is just fantastic. This really helps. Keep up the good work.