NetworkManager 2.5.4

[BungeeCord] WebInterface, TicketSystem, Permission System, BanManager, Analytics, much more!

  1. ChimpGamer
    • This plugin only works in combination with an external website and is not completely standalone
    Dunios (Previous Author), Evesain (Web Interface)
    Languages Supported:
    All languages
    Have you been searching for a solution to manage your network and are you tired to setup plenty of plugins just to finish the job? NetworkManager is the best solution for you. You can change the MOTD, Permissions and much more things from a simple dashboard. No need to restart your BungeeCord or anything else. NetworkManager does the job for you. As well it supports a lot of addons for your current plugins like LiteBans, PowerfulPerms and much more! Three reasons why you should buy NetworkManager
    • Perfect for small and big networks
    • Nearly everything in one plugin with a webinterface
    • A useful community with server owners that are able to help you any time
    Still not convinced? Just check out the features!

    are being tracked. Things like their UUID, username, first join, IP and version will be saved instantly on join and can be looked up in the webinterface with statistics and more

    Advanced Analytics - Track everything, from the playercount on your server, to the players who actually played on.
    (This is an addon that can be downloaded for free on my website)

    Punishments - The ban manager of NetworkManager is an important part. Ban[+IP-Ban], mute[+IP-Mute], kick, warn and report players are available and can be looked up in the webinterface as well

    Permission System - NetworkManager has it's own permission system with many features:
    You can manage the permission system with the Web Interface or just through the commands.

    Chat - All chat messages will be saved and can be accessed and looked up in the webinterface

    Future Predictions - See calculated values that represent your (theoretical) increasement of the playerbase

    TabHeader - TabHeaders are fully synchronized and can be changed in the webinterface without reloading the plugin or anything else. You can use custom variables for perfect use (more on placeholders in the documentation when you bough it)

    Chatlogs - Your players can create ChatLogs of a specific player to report him for bad behaving in chat or other offenses

    Filter - Block certain words that should not be written.

    Announcements - You can setup the announcer system to automatically send announcements to players. You can send Chat or Action bar announcements. You can event send them global or per server. It's all up to you!

    ServerManager - NetworkManager has a ServerManager system. You can manage servers In-game and from the Web Interface.

    Push Notifications - Get instant notifications when a player gets banned, muted, or kicked. If you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari the feature will be working flawlessly [​IMG]

    Languages - NetworkManager offers high configurable messages. You can create as many languages as you want. You can change every message of the plugin under the Network tab.

    Party - NetworkManager has its own Party system that works really well with commands and has a simple API.

    Ticket-System - Your users can use the web-ticket system to ask staff/get support. The ticket-system supports multiple languages and comes with multiple themes. You can create your own theme as it is very easy to edit them.
    Tickets can be assigned to certain staff members to make sure that they always have work todo.
    You can also give tickets a priority so staff members can see which tickets have to be done first. Assigned tasks can be viewed under the dashboard page. There are many features in the ticket-system available. Not only text, but also images, videos, etc. can be shared:

    Statistics - It's good to know where your players come from and what version they use. With NetworkManager you can easily check their country, the usage of their Minecraft version, future projections, online players (close to 2 minutes), online time and much more! [​IMG]

    Player Statistics - Track every player every time. From their usual login time, till their average playtime.

    Accounts - Create multiple accounts for the webinterface for your staff and give them permissions

    Groups - Create own groups and assign them permissions.

    Synchronization - No need to edit a config, or restarting a server. Simply manage everything from your dashboard
    In this example you see me enabling and changing the motd text. As well you can insert the url of an image. The plugin simply downscales every image. You can even use 4k resolution.

    Addons - By downloading NetworkManager you get access to multiple addons that are available for free on our discord server.

    Support - We have a good community that will likely help you by any error. If you have a problem you will get supported within 24 hours but it's normaly much faster

    Resources - All are resources like the Web Interface and addons you will be able to find in our Discord server. Just click the discord icon just below here.

    Requirements - The only requirement is MySQL and a WebServer. Everything else is optional.

    Support is very important for us, therefore we have our own Discord Server to be in contact with our costumers. We also got supporters if you need instant help. As well if you found a bug, just write it in the #bugs channel and we try to fix the bug as soon as possible. Support is mainly offered in english but some of our costumers also speak german, portuguese and many more languages. Just click on the icon below to join our Discord server. You'll need to register yourself. We are happy to see you there!

    We offer a demo for all intrested buyers. It runs smoothly, offers multiple accounts and has a beautiful design. Informative graphs show your new users each week. Manage all punishments and answer to tickets just with a few clicks.
    With an inbuilt permission system you can create own groups and assign them to members to give them access to certain pages.

    NOTE: Some parts of the demo are disabled for certain reasons.

    username: Admin
    password: Admin

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    Then ExcaliburNode is the right host for you. Check out their website HERE!
    You are not allowed to resell the plugin, you are not allowed to resell it's source code. You are not allowed to change any of the code without @ChimpGamer 's permission. You are not allowed leak it. If you don't follow any of these rules you will be reported to spigotmc.

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixed, improvements and clean-up
  2. Some more bug fixes
  3. Small bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. TheAssassinLP
    Version: 2.5.2
    After six months I came back to Minecraft and made a new server and what can I say. I love this Plugin. If you don't want a certain feature, just disable it in the Web-Interface.
    Whenever I had a question it was awnsered within 5-10 minutes by Staff or normal users.
    It's great, has all the features I need but is a bit confusing to use for beginners.
    After all I would recommend this to everyone.
    (Please excuse me for my grammar. I am from Germany and would be happy if someone corrected it)

  2. DutchplayXL
    Version: 2.5.2
    A fantastic plugin! It helps me to see more data of my server and keep control of my players much easier.
  3. Shotgun_F
    Version: 2.3.8
    Amazing plugin, helps me out with server and network management, really nice and easy to use web interface! Author is really helpful and active, also lots of updates and very frequently.
  4. Dianox
    Version: 2.3.1
    Unlike some who think otherwise. I think this plugin has everything you need for a network. Indeed it has everything, if a feature hinders, just disable it. The really useful things are those with small improvements as you go along, not changing the website design thinking it's useful. It's more than convenient for a whole in one. Dunios had trouble updating it, but with ChimpGamer, there are no more worries and maintenance is assured! I can't wait to see the next features.
    1. ChimpGamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the nice review!
  5. TaoCrafter
    So much potential was wasted in this system. Instead of incorporating functions that many wanted and needed, it was better to deal with irrelevant things, such as a party system. I have not used the system for about half a year. Why? Most of what was good was destroyed, new features never came and the author became inactive, which is different now, but does not help me.
    As an "all-in-one system" perhaps quite acceptable, large networks or networks that do not want to waste their potential as the authors of this system theirs, will not be able to use this system because it simply leaves too little room.

    All in all, I advise against a purchase. (2/5 stars)

    Best regards,
    1. ChimpGamer
      Author's Response
      Hello TaoCrafter,
      We've added lots of requests into the plugin and a party system was one of them. Also could you next time tell use why you think this was destroyed and how we could improve it? That would help us a lot more then writing this review.
  6. Cherry9443
    1. ChimpGamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  7. MicleBrick
    Version: 2.2.6
    I had some issues getting it running, but the owner of it was quick to help on his Discord. (To the person who made the bad review with the out-of-context screenshot: He DID receive support after that and could have gotten it working). Though there are a few nitpicks I have with the web UI, it has what you need *and more*! Would recommend for servers that don't want to pay monthly for statscraft and want good bungee support.
    1. ChimpGamer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your kind review!

      I'm glad you enjoy it. If you have suggestions just leave it in the Discord or in the discussions :)
  8. ShopherPlayz
    Version: 2.0.9
    The support is horrible, the price is too much. I mean when I join the discord and ask for some simple support I get this:

    This is purely pathetic. I would not suggest buying, this is horrible all around.
    1. ChimpGamer
      Author's Response
      nobody is patient enough to help you if you cannot setup a MySQL connection. Please consider informing you before buying a software that uses MySQL. But giving a one star rating because of your own incompetence is just pathetic.
  9. PixelHxcks
    Version: 2.0.7
    Good plugin. Updated fixed some bugs. Added many features. I'm happy that I bought the plugin
  10. NesCapeTV
    Version: 2.0.7
    I would not buy it again or recommend it. Too few functions for the price.

    There are many bugs in the webinterface.
    1. ChimpGamer
      Author's Response
      Hello NesCapeTV,
      how are there not many functions? Didn't you read the description.

      We don't hear often that there are "many" bugs in our webinterface, could you please tell us those before leaving a negative review, would make more sense.