Neutered Creepers 1.0.1

Neuters the explosive stuff! All the damage, none of the griefing.

  1. cerrealic
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    Summary: Disable mob griefing without actually disabling mob griefing.

    This is a light and simple little plugin that allows you as a server owner to disable the explosions resulting from explosive entities (like Creepers, Withers, TNT, etc.) without needing to set the mob griefing gamerule to false.
    This allows you to avoid pretty houses being accidentally destroyed while still allowing the players to use vanilla Minecraft features like the Villagers' farming behavior for potential contraptions and whatnot.

    I included 6 types of exploding entities in total to be individually neutered as you like within the generated config.yml. These are:
    • Creepers
    • End Crystals
    • Fireballs (like the ones Ghasts shoot at you)
    • TNT blocks
    • TNT minecarts
    • Wither skulls (the explosives that the Wither shoots at you)
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