Never Have I Ever 0.1.27

Play "Never Have I Ever" On Minecraft

  1. Rayo
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Languages Supported:
    All Languages Are Supported
    Never Have I Ever, now on Minecraft. Plugin completely 100% customizable, everything is customizable. With the ability to add your own 'Never Have I Ever' questions and the ability to filter content types.

    Some conditions apply when downloading this plugin, I highly recommend reading the plugin's Terms Of Service at the bottom of this page.

    Java SE 8+

    # Plugin Created by iStudLion
    # You have NO right to claim this plugin as your own
    # nor are you allowed to sell for money

    prefix: "&f&l>"
    primaryColor: "&e"
    secondaryColor: "&7"
    broadcast: true # set to true if you want everyone to see, or false to make it private
    prefix: "Never Have I Ever"
    suffix: "."
    enabled: true # set to true if you want clean version to be enabled
    - been to Minecon
    - donated to a Minecraft server
    enabled: false # set to true if you want dirty version to be enabled
    - dirty NHIE
    - really dirty NHIE

    noPermission: "&cYou don't have permission to execute this command"
    isDisabled: "&cThis type of NHIE questions has been disabled"
    unknownCommand: "&cUnknown Command: &4/nhie help &cfor help"


    - you're able to disable and enable a type of NHIE questions.
    - you're able to add as much NHIE's as you want.
    - You're able to make it broadcast the NHIE questions or send to player privately.
    - You're able to customize all messages and colors.
    /nhie - default plugin command
    /nhie help - list of NHIE commands
    /nhie clean - get a random NHIE question (clean)
    /nhie dirty - get a random NHIE question (dirty ones included)
    /nhie reload - reload NHIE config file


    No permission is required for /nhie or /nhie help
    /nhie clean
    /nhie dirty (nhie.use.dirty)
    /nhie reload (nhie.reload)


    Please do NOT leave a low star rating review asking for support, instead, contact me directly!

    You're NOT allowed to decompile this plugin and/or claim this plugin as your own.
    You do NOT have permission to claim ownership of this plugin or redistribute.
    I am NOT held accountable for any damages this software may appear to have caused​
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  1. Version Updated & Spigot Page URL Added

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  1. TraoX
    Version: 0.1.27
    Good plugin with great customization however it is a little lacking. Still overall a good plugin.
  2. cyclop
    Version: 0.1.27
    Amazing plugin! Me and my friends had lots of fun on server! I would totally recommend this!
  3. 49th
    Version: 0.1.27
    10/10 would recommend, it has so much customization and is extremely straight forward and easy to use :D